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[India Too] Realme GT Neo2 Global users receiving Realme UI 3.0 stable update with Android 12



With Android 13 on the horizon, there are still many terminals that have not received the latest official version, Android 12. The wait is coming to an end for owners of four Realme phones: Realme GT Neo 2.

The device has started its Android 12 stable version with Realme UI 3.0, so it is possible to download and install the latest version of Android relatively easily, from the system settings.

Updated – March 28th

Realme officially announced the stable Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 skin update for Realme GT Neo2 in India. The roll-out is released in batches and will reach you soon, kindly wait for it. Also to receive this update, please make sure your device is updated to the required version RMX3370_11_A.08 and the Android 12 update carries build number RMX3370_11_C.04.


  • New design
    • The all-new design, which emphasizes a sense of space, delivers a simple, clean and comfortable visual and interactive experience.
    • Revamps the page layout based on the principle of reducing visual noise and spacing out elements, and prioritizes information with different colors to
    • make key information stand out.
    • Redesigns icons using new materials to give more depth and a greater sense of space and texture to the icons.
    • Optimizes Quantum Animation Engine: Quantum Animation Engine 3.0 implements the concept of mass to make animations more lifelike and optimizes
    • more than 300 animations to bring a more natural user experience.
    • More creative Always-On Display: Adds realmeow and Portrait silhouette to let you freely express yourself.
  • Convenience & efficiency
    • Adds “Background stream”: Apps in Background stream mode continue playing the audio of a video when you leave them or lock your phone.
    • FlexDrop is renamed Flexible Windows and is optimized.
    • Optimizes the method of switching floating windows between different sizes.
    • You can now drag a file from My Files or a photo from the Photos app to a floating window.
  • Security and privacy
    • Privacy-related functions including Privacy protection, Passwords, and Emergency call can now all be found in Phone Manager.
    • Optimizes spam block rules: Adds a rule for blocking MMS messages.
  • Performance
    • Adds Quick launch, a feature that detects the apps you use frequently and pre-loads them so you can open them quickly.
    • Adds a chart to display your battery usage.
    • Improves the responsiveness of turning on or off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, and NFC.
  • Games
    • In team fight scenes, games run more smoothly at a stable frame rate.
    • Reduces the CPU load average and lowers the battery usage.
  • Camera
    • You can now decide which camera modes are displayed on the menu bar and in what order they are displayed.
    • You can now drag the zoom slider to zoom in or out smoothly when shooting a video using the rear camera.
  • System
    • Optimizes the auto-brightness algorithm to adapt screen brightness to more scenes for a comfortable screen reading experience.
  • Accessibility
    • Optimizes accessibility:
    • Adds visuals to text instructions for an intuitive understanding of accessibility functions.
    • Optimizes categorization of functions by grouping them into vision, hearing, interactive actions, and general.
    • TalkBack supports more system apps including Photos, Phones, Mail, and Calendar.

Updated – March 27th

Realme announced the Android 12 and Realme UI 3.0 stable update for Realme GT Neo2 Chinese ROM users. The update bears firmware version C.05 and expected full delivery within 15 days. Changelog Here

After the phone has just been updated, some installed apps on the phone need to be adapted and optimized in the background, and the albums and phone files will also be intelligently organized and safely scanned again. In order to avoid potential safety hazards, these optimization actions will increase some extra power consumption in the background, please use it with confidence, it will recover by itself in 2~3 days.

Original Story – March 16th

Realme steps on the accelerator of updates with the official version that leads now. The Realme GT Neo 2 is for sale in Europe, India, and China. This is not the case for India and China. Realme GT Neo 2 launched with Android 11 and Realme UI 2.0, and the promise of being updated later in Android 12.

According to the company’s official roadmap, the Realme GT Neo 2 would receive the update in February. At the moment, it already has its official version. Realme released the Realme UI 3.0 stable update in Italy, although it could be available in other regions as well. It is not necessary to sign up in any forum, but go to the mobile settings and enter System update. Like any self-respecting Major Update, quite full-bodied and in fact weighs 4.29 GB. The update is identified by build number RMX3370_11_C.01 for Italy.

With Realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12 comes a renewed design under the ‘Fluid Space Design’ philosophy, with fewer flat icons than in previous versions and more white space, with the possibility of using photos on the Always-On screen and optimizations of energy that, they assure in Realme, make the system spend 12% less and perform 10% more in-app execution times. This, and what’s new in Android 12.

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