Oppo’s new Game Assistant 7.0 is exposed and it may come with ColorOS 13

Google has already released the Android 13 Developer Preview for Pixels in February 2022 and the first beta will be available in April for the Google Pixel family. And the final version will be available after July 2022.

According to the Chinese sources, we can learn that the OPPO ColorOS system seems to usher in an update, and in the new version of OPPO Game Assistant 7.0, it will also bring users a brand new UI interface design And more stable game frame rate performance. Specifically, according to the pictures released by the blogger, many new functional options have been added to the UI interface of the new version, such as “care reminder”, “multi-dimensional experience” “network optimization”, etc. Improve the player’s gaming experience.

Not only that, but OPPO Game Assistant 7.0 also displays specific game delay, frame rate, and other data for users in real-time, which is very intuitive. At the same time, a network switch button is also placed in the upper left corner, which can also facilitate players to quickly complete the switch and obtain a more stable network experience. In this regard, the blogger also commented, “The new UI is still very good, I think it is more in line with my personal aesthetic.”

Of course, in addition to the recognition of the UI interface design, for the actual game experience, the blogger also said, “The game frame rate is very stable and comfortable during the test.” It is not difficult to see that the blogger is still very satisfied with the new version of OPPO Game Assistant 7.0. It is worth mentioning that many netizens have shared the installation package of the new version of the game assistant on the Kuan platform. For those who want to try it out, they can act now.

When it comes to the ColorOS 13 system, I believe that many friends will not feel unfamiliar. With its smooth and stable running effect, it has frequently appeared at the top of the Android mobile phone UI smoothness list in recent years. At the same time, OPPO has not forgotten to gain insight into the market and user needs, and continues to inject new functions into ColorOS, and constantly enrich and improve OPPO. The experience of mobile phone users is welcomed and loved by more and more consumers.

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