New features and changes of Realme UI 3.0 skin

The Realme brand has already launched a new version of Realme UI 3.0 based on Android 12. Some models can be the first to experience the upgrade of the public beta version of the Realme UI 3.0 new system. 

Get ready for RealmeUI 3.0 which is based on the most recent Android 12 with Fluid Space Design. It is more fluid, the layout is more spatial, & the overall UI experience is more expressive.

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Realme UI 3.0-based on Android 12 Features

3D icon

In terms of icon design, we have implemented a completely new 3D icon design. The outlining adds weight, and the use of semitransparent Design with different objects overlap and give it a younger feel.

In the whole icon area, color projections have been added which resemble the main colors to bring a greater sense of texture and dimension. RealmeUI 3.0

The entire icon design becomes more vibrant and three-dimensional once these elements are adjusted. It retains a sense of familiarity while adding a more fun 3D vibe.

Spatial Layout interface

The RealmeUI 3.0 comes with a layout that gives a spatial sense throughout. The title size, as well as the symbol and text contrast, have been enhanced to give consumers a sense of importance and concentration concerning the information they receive.

Persionalization AOD

Users can fully modify the AOD in RealmeUI 3.0. Upload a photo and enjoy a unique AOD design. We have launched an AOD of our Realme mascot.


In Realme UI 3.0, Realme uses the Face Capture algorithm to create a high-precision 3D model virtual image based on 50 core expression bases. We can customize 10 image characteristics such as skin tone, hairstyle, eyes, and nose, totaling 200 With multiple trendy clothing elements and emojis, creativity is still good. Let every user have their own Omoji avatar, which can be implanted in various gameplays to create their own coolness.

In general, in an era when mobile phone chip architecture and screen matching are becoming more and more similar, what can improve the user experience should be the internal system optimization details. The Realme brand has always been well-known in this regard, and I believe there will be more in the future. Better functions make us refreshing. Read more Realme GT Master Edition Realme UI 3.0 Update: Beta 3 is now rolling out fixes

Phone Manager

Phone Manager does smart things so you don’t have to, optimizing performance and clearing junk without interruption. Extend battery life and expand storage with just a tap.

Private Pic Share

The RealmeUI 3.0 allows you to see application permission in graphics, a list of apps permission, and detailed information about the use of specific applications, allowing you to master your privacy use in all aspects.

Secure Privacy

The RealmeUI 3.0 comes with updated privacy functions to assure that your personal data and information are safer than ever before. It has a new subtitle stitching feature that allows you to share your favorite pictures or videos privately.

Smooth Animation Engine

Animations have been optimized in the RealmeUI 3.0 The AI animation engine determines the dynamic change to give a more fluid experience. It also features floating window 2.0 which you may control as you like for different usage scenarios.

AI Smooth Engine

The total rate of memory usage has been enhanced and different programs are intelligently launched because of the AI memory compression of the RealmeUI 3.0. It improves overall app launching performance by 13% and increases battery life by 12%. Read more Realme System Applications – All Apps Download Link – Realme UI 3.0/2.0 [February 2022]

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