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Short videos missing from Youtube’s trending section?



YouTube is the largest platform for video sharing and all types of videos can be shared on it, but since the introduction of short videos in it, the video creators of the short video platform had just started making shots videos on YouTube and short videos. Videos easily go viral and those videos used to appear in the YouTube’s trending section.

If you used to watch the trending section of YouTube, you would mostly see shorts videos in it.
Long video creators used to be very unhappy with being in the YouTube short video trending section because they used to make long videos by working very hard, but their videos were not visible in the YouTube trending section even after getting a lot of views.

But if you now see the YouTube’s trending section, you will not see short videos anywhere on YouTube.

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This is good news because ever since YouTube shorts appeared in the video training section, the popularity of the YouTube trending section has waned as videos that should have been trending because of their content were not in the trending section.

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