Telegram stable 8.7.0 update: revolution for bots, customization of sounds and much more

There is a new update for Telegram, the popular instant messaging platform, which affects all its versions: Android, iOS and desktop. 

The Telegram developer team announced in the past few hours that they have kicked off the release of an update which introduces several interesting new features in this popular cross-platform instant messaging application.

In particular, among the innovations introduced with version 8.7.0 there are the possibility of creating individual notification tones, the possibility of setting customized values ​​to silence chats or for the automatic deletion of messages, enhanced bots and an improvement of the Forwarding.

Custom notification sounds

Telegram now allows you to assign any audio clip to a notification tone . You can also use audio content from a video or audio message shared in chat. The animation below provides a clear example of how to use the new option.

At the moment, audio files up to 5 seconds long are supported.

Pause notifications of customized duration

The animation below shows how chat notifications can be paused for a custom duration. The new option is located in the Silence section of the Notifications menu.

New menu for self-deleting messages

Telegram has received a graphic update for the interface from which the self-deletion of messages is set. You can choose time limits corresponding to 2 days, 3 weeks, 4 months and more.

Replies in forwarded messages

When forwarding messages with Telegram it will also be possible to view the replies attached to that specific message. The novelty aims to provide more context to those who receive the forwarded message.

Telegram bot developers are given tools to create infinitely flexible interfaces with JavaScript . With this, Telegram bots can potentially completely replace a website .

To get an idea of ​​what to expect from third-party Telegram bots, you can try ordering from a fake fast food with the @DurgerKingBot example .

For more details on the new potential of bots, we suggest you take a look at the official API documentation.

Admin bot configuration

The Telegram bots themselves can be configured as administrators. This role will give bots exclusive permissions within groups and chats.

Telegram specifies that bots can only be added to channels as administrators, while they can be added to groups as both members and administrators.

Other news

  • Improved in-app translations in the iOS version.
  • Improved picture-in-picture in the Android version.
  • Introduction of new animations in the settings interface.
  • Introduction of new animated emojis.

The update just described is currently being auto-deployed on Android, iOS and desktop. You should receive it within the next few hours.


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Source: Telegram


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