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Realme UI 3.0: How to Change Screen refresh rate 60Hz to 90Hz or 120Hz

Realme launched several smartphones in the market, with 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate display along with AMOLED or LCD panels.

Realme AMOLED or LCD display has a refresh rate for a clearer and smoother display when you use any apps – especially games or videos on your device. While previous Realme devices had a refresh rate of 60 Hz, the GT series can reach 120Hz.

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A refresh rate, also referred to as Hz (Hertz) is the number of times a display can update an image in 1 second. Most mobile phones use 60 Hz, i.e. 60 refreshes per second on your browser. A higher Hz (or refresh rate) enables less lag and stuttering on display and faster screen response. Movies and videos with a lot of motion appear more realistic.

Display quality, previously used only for high-performance gaming monitors is now available on Phones 90Hz or 120Hz. You can change the display from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. This will allow you to enjoy more realistic animations and games.

Realme Screen Refresh Rate

With the stunning bezel-less AMOLED or LCD display, you definitely get the very best. Even so, you should think of changing the screen refresh rate. In its standard setup, the Realme device’s display is set to 90Hz or 120Hz in order to make the most of those smooth, fluid animations and intense games.

Realme UI: How to Change Screen Refresh Rate 90Hz or 120Hz

  1. First of all, you have to go the Settings menu;
  2. Under Settings, search for Display & Brightness tab;
  3. Now You have to scroll down and tap the More;
  4. You now need to tap the Screen refresh rate option;
  5. Change the refresh rate from 60Hz to 90Hz or 120Hz.
  6. You can choose. Standard and High screen settings;
  7. It’s true that by using the phone in 90Hz rate, it will definitely use your battery more than normal. So, if you want to save that little juice of your battery, then you should stick to the decent 60Hz option as well.

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Bonus Tip:

If your mobile display does not have 90Hz and 120Hz screen refresh rates, then you can improve your mobile experience with the help of this feature.

Smooth Scrolling: A Realme Lab feature to have a smooth transition in your Realme devices having Realme UI.

How to enable?

Go to Settings>>realme Lab (Scroll down to the bottom of the settings page)>>Smooth Scrolling.

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