Realme GT Neo2 Dragon Ball Edition Celebrates Update To Android 12 With Realme UI 3.0

Realme has already released the Android 12-based Realme UI 3.0 stable version for Realme GT Neo2 devices globally. Now the company has started sending the skin in Dragon Ball Customized Edition. The latest Update carries build number C.02 in China

The latest Android 12 operating system based on Realme UI 3.0 will bring real fans a seamless and smooth gaming experience. It is not only equipped with a large number of new features, but also focuses on improving the security of users, and there are more creative customization functions waiting for you to experience!

This update is currently available to users of the Realme GT Neo2 Dragon Ball customized Edition sold in China. Please pay attention to the official follow-up notice for other model adaptation plans.

Update log:

  • [New Design]
    • New three-dimensional space design makes the experience simple, easy and burden-free.
    • [New] Intelligent assistant card provides intelligent and efficient application cards. Key information is clear at a glance, and key functions are instantly accessible.
    • [New] Reconstruct the page layout, reduce noise and leave white space, and distinguish primary and secondary information with color, and the core information is more focused.
    • [New] Three-dimensional icon design, introducing new materials, unifying light and shadow and layers, and experiencing the pleasure brought by color.
    • [Optimization] Quantum animation engine 3.0, with “quality” as the center, simulates real physical motion, optimizes animation details 300+, and brings a more natural interactive experience.
    • [Optimization] Richer breath screen style, support Zhenqi Meow and Portrait AOD, making self-expression more unique.
  • [Convenient and efficient]
    • [New] Sticky note graffiti tool to personalize the recording of life
    • [Optimization] Smart Sidebar
    • – Support intelligent recommendation of relevant functions in video, shopping and other scenarios
    • – New small window shorthand, click to enter the note floating window and quickly complete the record.
    • – New intelligent subtitles, support the recognition of meeting and call voices, generate subtitles in real time, and support Chinese-English translation.
    • – New drama listening mode, which supports switching to other APP scenes or locking screen status to continue listening to video sounds.
    • – Add new recognition of background music, quickly identify background music in short videos, and find music without asking for people.
    • – New article reading, support one-click reading of WeChat official account, Toutiao and other information content
    • – New product price comparison. When using shopping software, display the same good quality and low price with one click.
    • [Optimization] Flash window upgraded to free floating window
    • – New fast switching of floating window states, more convenient interaction
    • – New file management and album support long-press dragging files or photos to the floating window application
    • [Optimization] Xiaobu’s suggestion, brand-new schedule assistant, intelligent integration of schedule information, one-stop viewing and management
    • [Optimized] Recording to improve the speed and accuracy of voice-to-text and reduce the waiting time.
    • [Optimization] The text bubbles on the SMS session page can double-click to enlarge the display, making it more convenient to extract SMS content.
  • [Seamless Interconnection]
    • [Optimization] Screen Sharing
    • – The outgoing party and the receiver switch the shared screen and control permissions with one click.
    • – You can hide sensitive notifications such as WeChat, phone calls, text messages, etc. when sharing the screen.
  • [Security and Privacy]
    • [New] Sharing photos or videos supports erasing location information and shooting data
    • [Optimization] After the mobile phone is lost, it will not be shut down or used through the cloud, reducing the risk of data loss.
    • [Optimization] Mobile phone housekeeper integrates privacy alias, password books, emergency calls and other security and privacy functions.
    • [Optimization] When the application calls sensitive permissions such as camera, recording and positioning, the status bar icon prompts are more eye-catching.
    • [Optimization] Medical ID card, which supports the automatic encryption and transmission of preset medical ID information to the emergency center when dialing 120.
    • [Optimization] Earthquake warning, new function preview page, new earthquake banner notification reminder of estimated intensity 2.0 and below, and always warn of earthquake information.
    • [Optimization] Harassment interception, new MMS interception ability, and reduce the interruption of spam
  • [Performance optimization]
    • [New] Intelligently predict common applications and load them in advance, and the applications open faster.
    • [New] Display the power consumption record in the form of a chart to quickly understand the details of battery consumption.
    • [Optimization] When switching on WLAN, Bluetooth, airplane mode and NFC, the response speed is faster.
    • [Optimization] The loading speed of high-frequency scenes in third-party applications is improved, and browsing Weibo and watching videos is smoother.
    • [Game]
    • [New] When the game resource package is updated, the game can be switched to the background for updating (only some games are supported)
    • [New] Pop-up game skills and game review during the game to help quickly master the gameplay (only some games are supported)
    • [Optimization] In high-load scenarios such as team battle, the game frame rate performance is more stable.
    • [Optimization] Heterogeneous computing reduces the average load of the processor and lowers the game power consumption.
  • [Camera]
    • [New] Customize the order of camera modes to facilitate the rapid switching to common camera modes.
    • [Optimized] Inertial zoom, rear video shooting mode, drag the slider to zoom at a uniform speed.
  • [System]
    • [Optimization] Automatic brightness adjustment algorithm optimizes intelligent scene detection and makes browsing the screen more comfortable.
  • [Accessibility]
    • [Optimization] Accessibility mode
    • – New visualization introduction, and image introduction to the function page
    • – Optimize the functional classification and display it according to the visual/audible/interactive/universal classification
    • – TalkBack adapts more system applications such as albums, calls, mail, calendars, etc.

How to get Realme UI 3.0 and Android 12

  • Open Settings App
  • Scroll down and go into Software Update
  • Now Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner
  • Go into Trial Version
  • Click on Early Access
  • Tap on Apply Now
  • Enter your Mobile Number or Email Address
  • Submit your details and finish the quiz.

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