OnePlus Orbit App v1.6.0 Update Added New Features & Mobile Web – Download Now

Orbit – A revamped OnePlus Community App, the term “Orbit” is often used to describe the path that a satellite travels around the earth, to continuously provide people with better services. This aligns precisely with our community product philosophy and user-driven concept. With Orbit, we aspire to gather OnePlus users from all over the world to co-create a better, ever-more inclusive Community – delivering a fresh product experience and invigorated community culture.

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OnePlus Orbit V1.6.0 Update

After multiple rounds of design, product, and technical reviews, the final product plan of the new website was confirmed in February 2022. Meanwhile, we also had some features added to the app. After months of discussion, development, and testing.

OnePlus is thrilled to introduce you to the new Orbit app V1.6.0 and the new mobile website. With this version users can upload local videos and also embed Youtube Videos in the orbit app. In addition, the update improvements some features – Thread editing/ display, Searching, Home Page, and fixed 320 bugs .

Update Log:

  • Mobile website 
  • New Features
    • Upload local videos
    • Embed Youtube Videos
  • Improvement
    • Thread editing/ display
    • Searching
    • Home page
    • Fixed 320 bug

1. The release of V1.6.0 might cause errors in the previous versions. For a better experience, please update to the latest version right after the release. Click “check for updates” in Orbit, or download a new app here in the community.

2. For issues that haven’t been fixed in this update, please stay tuned to the new product roadmap in Orbit.

If the above link is not working so you can also download from this Telegram channel link.

OnePlus Orbit App Features

Join a Circle!
Circles are a huge part of Orbit and arguably the biggest change when compared to the current platform. No matter what your purpose is, there’s always a Circle for you (or you can simply request its creation.

Explore – This is the page you will see every time you open Orbit. Basically, it’s full of threads that Orbit users that have been getting people’s attention.

My Circles – This is where you keep updated with content from the Circles you joined.

Magnifying glass – To find the exact content you need. On the top right corner of the Home page, you can see a magnifying glass there, and it’s obviously used for searching things.

Moment – Shorter content for people in a rush. Moments only support posts up to 300 characters, so it’s more concise and simple. First, choose a Circle you have joined to share this post with. Then, you’re set to start writing down the story you want to tell. Under the text, there are two functions with which you can either tag someone on Orbit or insert a link in your text. You can also add photos.

Article – Content (and styling) options for the wordsmiths out there. There are more functions on the Article posting page and no set limit for character count. In addition to what you see in Moments, you also have options to add titles and formatting. Photos can also be added inline with text, unlike in Moments.

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