Android 12 stable released for Nokia X10 5G, X20 5G, and Nokia XR20 5G

It’s time to experience Android 12 for Nokia X10 5G, X20 5G and XR20 5G users. Recently all three devices received the Android 12 stable update and June security patch update. For information, Nokia does not have its UI as other companies have; it is a stock Android phone which gives you the real experience of Android.

Android 12 major update that offers a lot of features:

  • The material you theme
  • New privacy options
  • One-handed mode- Before this feature 
  • Picture-in-picture windows 
  • Scroll screenshots- now no need to install the third-party app. It is inbuilt  
  • Inbuilt android TV remote 
  • Digital car key support with BMW cars and more.

The build number of the Android 12 update is V2.400 for Nokia X10 5G, and the size is 174MB, and V2.560 for Nokia X20 5G with 275MB update size, and V2.410 for Nokia XR20 5G and the download size is 82MB.

Update Availability:

  • Nokia XR20 5G
    • India and Germany
  • Nokia X10 5G & X20 5G
    • UAE & Egypt

Nokia G10 and G20 Updated To Android 12 Stable Version

The latest version of the Android brings a wealth of innovations and, along with the Pixel 6, draws a very clear line between it and earlier iterations of the operating system, beginning with the graphical user interface. 

  1. New widgets are coming for various Google services and apps. We have already seen it for the weather widgets; there are those for Drive, Gmail and more coming soon.
  2. Important accessibility news, for which Android 12 options can be highlighted more to be more easily accessible.
  3. Great attention to privacy; with Android 12 you will always have the indication in the status bar in case an app is accessing the microphone and camera in the background.
  4. Option to make accurate geolocation private.
  5. New dashboard dedicated entirely to the permissions granted to the various apps. This includes the history of access to the various sensors of the device in the previous 24 hours.
  6. The connection with Bluetooth devices, even third parties, is facilitated without the need for permission for geolocation.
  7. Permissions to unused apps for some time will be revoked automatically.
  8. Extended screenshots are coming.
  9. Optimized the gaming experience: You no longer have to wait for the full download of the game to access it.
  10. Nearby Share will allow you to quickly share access to Wi-Fi networks between different devices.
  11. Improved data and app transfer to an Android 12 device. Google makes special mention of the transition from iPhone to Android.

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