OnePlus OxygenOS 13: AOD Feature [Always on display]

In a launch event for the OnePlus 10T, the company revealed many things about the OxygenOS 13 and its features. The Main highlighted feature of OxygenOS 13 is its AOD which is enhanced in a new and advanced way to serve the users. Although after this event, many rumors are also taking place in the user’s mind that OxygenOS 13 is almost a replica of Oppo’s ColorOS and many more.   

OxygenOS 13 will be based on Android 13, and a glimpse of ColorOS will also be seen in this version. Each and everything will be confirmed more after the official release, But for now, we can discuss what we have now; it is necessary to know about AOD (Always on Display) new features. Read more Breaking: OnePlus 10 Pro ColorOS 13 (Android 13) Public Beta Released

OxygenOS 13 AOD Feature

How will the AOD(Always on Display) of OxygenOS 13 differ from other versions?

In this OnePlus’s developer has added a creativity factor that users have not seen yet in any of the UI or smartphones. Integration with Spotify, bitmoji, and food apps like Zomato and Swiggy will be seen with a better compatibility ratio and a unique display style to attract users. Read more OnePlus OxygenOS 13: Everything you need to know

In this AOD, users can see particular details like your food location direction or maps of the food apps on the screen. Even without unlocking the screen. 

  • Canvas AOD will add more creativity to the display by enhancing tools, like multiple brushes, line colors, and improved image handling. Users can set a face photo on display, and an outline of the face will be seen on the AOD display in colorful ways. A user can adjust the color according to choice. 
  • Insight AOD brings time in colorful ways according to your favorite color. 
  • Bitmoji AOD is another new way of adding rich content to the display. In this, users can set bitmoji to the AOD display to experience more insight and good looking.

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