New Zen Mode OxygenOS 13: How Does It Work?

Nowadays, people are becoming addicted to their smartphones and have a habit of continuously using them unnecessarily. For them, Zen mode perfectly fits. But what is the Zen Mode, and how does it work?

Zen mode is developed by OnePlus to help people live freely without phones so they can concentrate and meditate in peace mode. It is a mode in which your device will get frozen for a specific time, and everything present on the phone will be locked. You can receive calls or make calls and click pictures. As the zen mode is on, the display will close, and a few themes and backgrounds present in the mode will only be visible to the screen. Read more OnePlus OxygenOS 13: Everything you need to know

We can say that this is a more advanced version of the Do not disturb mode. Which will protect you from distracting and doing things calmly. 

In this mode, Oneplus users can set a minimum of 1-minute to a maximum of 120-minutes. By activating this mode, one can feel focused and concentrated. While doing his work or living life without technology. Read more These OnePlus’s Flagship Devices Won’t Get OxygenOS 13 Update [Android 13] 

OxygenOS 13 Zen mode will be better than previous versions and easy to use. OxygenOS 13 Zen mode has a theme to find the inner peace inside you, and if we Exclude all things, then the Zen Mode helps save your battery power by reducing the screen time. Read more OnePlus OxygenOS 13: AOD Feature [Always on display]

New Zen Mode OxygenOS 13: How Does It Work?

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