Jio Latest Recharge Plans & Offer [August 2022]

Telecom companies have so many plans for every type of customer that every customer could get an appropriate plan according to their use and price range.

So many plans on the chart create confusion, and people get confused about the recharge plan of telecommunication companies, and due to this, they cannot find the right plan for them. There are 3-5 leading Companies in India that provide good customer service.

In this article, we will help to choose the right plan for Jio users so that you can get your choice plan according to your use. First, before choosing the right plan, it is also essential to know which type of service you need from the telecom company because it decides the right plan. So first, understand your need and then choose.

Most Recharged Plans of Jio  

Rs. 29928 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling /100 SMS
Rs. 33328 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling /100 SMS
Rs. 49928 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling /100 SMS
Rs. 66684 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling /100 SMS
Rs. 71984 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling /100 SMS
Rs. 2999365 Days2.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling /100 SMS

Jio 1.5 GB/ Day Plans

Rs. 11914 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling/300 SMS
Rs. 19923 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 23928 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 25930 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 47956 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 58356 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 66684 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 78384 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 2545336 Days1.5GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS

Jio 2 GB/ Day Plans

Rs. 24923 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 29928 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 53356 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 71984 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 79956 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 106684 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 2879365 Days2GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS

Jio 1 GB/ Day Plans

Rs. 14920 Days1GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 17924 Days1GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS
Rs. 20928 Days1GB/dayUnlimited Calling/100 SMS

Jio Data Add-on Plans

Rs. 151GBExisting plan
Rs. 252GBExisting plan
Rs. 616GBExisting plan
Rs. 12112GBExisting plan
Special 4G Data Add-on with validity
Rs. 18130GB30 days
Rs. 24140GB30 days
Rs. 30150GB30 days
Rs. 55555GB55 days
Rs. 28782GB/Day365 days
Rs. 29982.5GB/Day365 days

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Jio Latest Recharge Plans & Offer [August 2022]

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