BGMI Is Not Banned In India- Only removed from Play Store and App Store

As you all know, On July 28, 2022, a piece of disheartening news broke the heart of the esports Gamers that the BGMI is banned in India due to violating the policy of the IT act of the Indian Govt.

To inform BGMI lovers that BGMI Is Not Banned In India- Only removed from Play Store and Apple App Store, we have made this article, in which we will give you all detailed information about BGMI.

Due to Govt policy, BGMI was banned, and soon after this news, the Google Play store and the Apple app store removed the game immediately. But the game was only removed from the stores, so new users could not install and play the game. Users who already have this game installed on their smartphones will be able to play the game as they were playing before the ban. Read more Will BGMI Be Back In India Again? [Big Question]

Secondly, new users who want to play the game can download the APK File from an unknown, unofficial source at their own risk and place the game.

According to the report, Krafton is continuously trying to convince the Indian Govt. for the unban the game. But till now, no official news has come forward which could decide whether BGMI will again come back or not. Read more BGMI Unban Status: All Official News And Statements

For information, this game was formerly known as PUBG, which also got banned by the Indian Govt in the year 2020 in September, and again it was re-launched in July 2021, under the new name Battleground Mobile India. Read more BGMI 2.1 Download Status: Can We Download In India?


This means the apps were unavailable at Google Play Store and on the App store. The game would not install even from APK if you didn’t previously have the game installed at any point, this is due to google not associating any new ID with the game.


This means it is still working, the primary reason being that the BGMI servers for India have not been shut down by the developers, they continued the servers to run and also recently announced that they are in talks with the government.

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