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OnePlus OxygenOS 12.1 Advance Battery Options

Back in 2016, OnePlus offered fast charging technology for its flagship as well as mid-range phones. Also, OxygenOS has an excellent emphasis on battery optimization. Later, the company introduced various OxygenOS operating systems to solve battery problems.

With the OxygenOS 12.1, OnePlus offered various battery optimization options to increase battery life. Firstly, the OS provides a recommended optimization for saving power, such as Turning off power-draining apps, Turning off GPS, Changing screen refresh rate, and more. Read more OnePlus 10R gets August 2022 update with network and camera optimizations

Under the Advanced settings, there are various options, including High-performance mode, Optimized battery use, Sleep standby optimization, Optimized night charging, and a new option for notification when there is a charging station nearby. Read more OnePlus OxygenOS 13: New Zen Mode, How Does It Work?

  • High-Performance Mode: When you turn on high-performance mode, the system always runs smoothly and speedily, but it will increase extra power consumption and cause your phone to heat up. 
  • Sleep Standby Optimization: When you enable this feature, therefore your device consumes less battery and reduces notifications when you are asleep.
  • Optimized Night Charging: This feature also reduces battery, and your phone learns from your daily charging routine. Also, it can control the charging speed at night and avoid overcharging.
  • Optimize Battery Use: It automatically optimizes the apps that are draining the battery in the background.

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