Download & Find Out What’s New In The New Google Play Store Update:

If your smartphone runs on the Android operating system, then you already know how much important is Google Play store. Play store is a certified Google app store where users can find all the types of apps and games all around the world. We can say indirectly that the Play store is at the head of all app stores, which have all the apps. Whenever we need to download any app, we directly go to the Play store and install it from there without any issue. For updating any app, we also go directly to the Google Play store.

But you know? Google app store is also an inbuilt app in Android OS; it also needs a timely update. That is why developers of the Google app store release time-to-time updates so that it must be bug-free and could get any new feature or animation. As you observed, the icon of the Google Play store is changed now. Now it’s more colourful and enhanced. Read more What’s New In The New Update Of Google Photos

Sometimes, Google send an update to its device, but due to some issue or you missed any notification, and other, your app works on old versions, and it creates a problem but doesn’t know about it. And you don’t check the update notification and do not update the app in Timely. For them, we have brought a manually download link so that it can be updated and could update the most important app in the android system, the Google Play Store. Read more What’s New In The New Update Of Google Photos

If you want to download the update manually, click here. And experience the new bug-free and more enhanced update.

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