How To Downgrade Android 13 to Android 12 [Guide]

Pixel smartphones are stock Android Smartphones, Which are truly based on Android OS and give Users a good and real android experience. 

Pixel phones are the first smartphones that receive Android OS Upgrade; whenever Google releases its Android update, and first beta programs are tested on Pixel phones, and then a stable version is released for the users. Read more Google Pixel 7 Pro With Tensor G2 Processor Spotted On Geekbench Website

Now the question is if any user not liked the experience of Androids 13 and wants to downgrade the Update Android 12 then, how they will do it? For them, we have made this article. In this, we have discussed all the necessary details related to this Topic.

Android 13 is the latest major OS upgrade to the Android version, and recently Pixel phones have received the stable update. Android 13 brought some new features. 

For information, Google has used the Google Tensor processor for its Pixel 6 series. So, its old method for downgrading the update will not work for Pixel 6 Series. But you can downgrade the Android 13 to other pixel smartphone series as you are doing via google’s dedicated firmware portal, which it has made for its smartphones. However, if you have an unlocked variant, then also you can easily do it and unlock its bootloader and manually revert back, and again use and experience Android 12. Read more Google Play Store Getting A New Update []

Pixel Phones are equipped with anti-rollback protection; in this protection, Once upgraded to Pixel 6 devices, the user can’t roll back to its previous version or downgrade it. But as every time and in every situation, a second option is available; in this case, also, it is possible, but how?

Let’s Find Out Below: 

First of all, back up all your data because downgrading will wipe out all your data and ensure that the latest ADB and fastboot binaries have been installed on your PC or not. 

  1. First of all, check the bootloader version of Google Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a. Then, confirm that both slots of the target device have the same Android 13 bootloader version.
  2. On your PC, download the factory image with respect to the Android 12.
  3. Extract the image ZIP file and locate the bootloader image in the extracted files. Name the file “bootloader-[device codename]-[platform codename]-[major version]-[minor version].img.”
  1. Delete the bootloader image from the extracted folder.
  2. Modify the flashing device. Read more Google Camera Update Released For Android Devices [8.6.2]


  1. After modifying, you can continue the flashing job.
  2. Reboot your Pixel 6/6 Pro/6a to bootloader mode and then connect to the PC using a USB cable.
  3. Open the window, go to the location where you extracted the Android 12 factory image 
  4. Click on it and extract.
  5. For Windows:
  6. .\flash-all.bat
  1. Wait till it is completely done
  2. Now reboot so that Android 12 boots.

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