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After Android Update, Screen On Time (SOT) Getting Low: How To Increase?

Nowadays, Screen on time matters the most because it shows us how much we have used our phone, and on what we have utilized the battery consumption and how much time the Screen of the phone is on. 

According to the report, many users have analyzed their own and informed on the various social media platforms and in the community that after updating the device to the latest update, the device screen on time also reduces, and it gets lower than it was before. Read more How To Fix Call Automatically Ends In Android Smartphones

because of this, users are getting so concerned about the device and its health and finding the way by which this could be fixed. Getting a low Screen on time may have various types of issues. It also depends upon how users use the phone and on which app users spend more time. Read more Dynamic Island In Your Samsung Smartphones: How To Download It?

How To Increase The Screen On Time On Your Android Phone:

  • Set your phone screen to turn off sooner.
  • If it is not required, Reduce screen brightness.
  • Set the brightness to change automatically so that your device can get more screen time.
  • Turn off vibrations or set it at a low because it drains the battery too fast and reduces the Screen on time.
  • Turn on the adaptive battery.
  • Turn on a dark theme.
  • Close all the apps which are running in the background. 
  • Avoid actions that keep the Screen on for the maximum time.
  • Keep your phone and apps updated, so that system can work properly with the installed apps.

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