OnePlus Weather App: How It Work On Your Device?

OnePlus always makes its inbuilt app convenient and easy to use, although it also has one of the most refined and most loved UI based on Android. Recently, OnePlus also introduced its new Android 13-based OxygenOS 13, and its flagship device, the OnePlus 10 Pro, has received the stable version of OxygenOS 13. 

Before smartphones were not there, the only source of knowing the weather was TV, Radio, and Newspapers. But when the smartphone was introduced to the world, knowing the weather became easy and convenient; however, users can view detailed weather conditions anywhere, anytime, and in any situation; you can know what’s the weather report for a day, week, month, and more, all thanks to technology. Even you can view hourly weather reports also not only from your Location but from anywhere in the world. And by seeing the weather report, you can plan a trip for yourself. Read more How To Fix Battery Draining Problem In OnePlus Devices?

Exciting things, in the OnePlus weather app, you can watch things other than weather AQI, Wind, Body Temp, Humidity, Visibility, UV levels, Pressure, and more. 

When you open the app, you will observe many things on the screen. 

  • Location: On the top left corner, the Location will be shown where the weather report is shown. However, you can change it or add or Location. 
  • Temperature: Middle of the screen temperature, in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It is up to you at what temperature you wanna see it below temperature, type of temperature, cloudy, rainy, and more. 
  • Hourly Forecast: After this, You will see an Hourly forecast that shows you a table of each hour’s temperature; you can swipe left to know the next hour’s weather report. 
  • Daily Forecast: This option can show the whole week’s weather than too day-wise forecast. 
  • Sunrise and Sunset: by this, you can know the sunrise and sunset times of a particular place you have set. Read more OnePlus 9 Series Android 13 Based OxygenOS 13 Status [9, 9 Pro, 9R & 9RT]
  • Details:  When you will fully swipe down, you will see this option in which precipitation, NNE wind, HUM, Visibility, UV, and Pressure, are side by side. 

Next on the screen, on the top right-hand side, you will observe two icons, one icon is like a box, which is for setting the Location, and the second is three vertical dots.

When you click on the three vertical dots, two options will be visible to you.

  • Share: By this, you can share weather reports you anyone via any app. 
  • Settings
    • Weather Alert- You can turn on this option if you want an automatic alert of unusual weather.
    • Temperature- You can select the display temperature option in which you want to see, celsius or Fahrenheit.
    • Wind- This option is for selecting the Units in which you want to see the wind speed
      • Meter per second- m/s
      • Kilometers per hour- km/h
      • Feet per second- ft/s
      • Miles per hour- mph
      • Nautical miles per hour- kits
    • Precipitation- This option is for selecting the Units in which you want to see the precipitation.
      • Millimeters- mm
      • Inches- in 
    • Visibility- This option is for selecting the Units in which you want to see the Visibility.
      • Kilometers- km
      • Miles- mi
  • Pressure: This option is for selecting the Units in which you want to see the Pressure.
    • Hectopascals- hPa
    • Millimeters of mercury- mmHg
    • Inches of Mercury- inHg
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