Google Pixel’s November 2022 Update Fixes Battery Display And System Related Issues

Like the first Monday of every month, Google has released a new monthly update bulletin for the Pixel smartphone, which primarily installs the November 2022 Android Security Patch for improved device security. This update not only comes with functional enhancements but also fixes other system-related issues like battery, charging, display, graphics, and more.

According to the information, the November 2022 update has gradually started releasing the Pixel 7 series, Pixel 6 series, Pixel 5, Pixel 5a, Pixel 4 series, and Google 4a series. Additionally, The November 2022 update rollout will continue in batches over the next week, depending on the region and device. Users will receive a notification once the OTA is available for their devices.

As per the changelog, this November 2022 update comes with some general improvements and brings fixes for common vulnerability exposures. This update fixes certain issues that cause increased power consumption while certain apps are installed and improve the usability of the battery.

Moreover, this newest update improves thermal performance in some conditions by optimizing the display power consumption. Plus, it also fixes the issues of occasionally causing green display flicker in certain scenarios.

Finally, fixes the problem of the Photos app crashing when using some editing features. Apart from this, this update may come with some Moderate, critical, and high CVEs, as well as fixes for exploits related to specific hardware installations. For more info, check the full changelog below.

Google’s November 2022 Update Changelog:

  • Battery & Charging
    • Fix for issue causing increased power consumption while certain apps installed 
  • Display & Graphics
    • Fix for issue occasionally causing green display flicker in [sic] certain conditions 
    • Optimizations for display power consumption to improve thermal performance in certain conditions 
  • System
    • Fix for the issue occasionally causing the Photos app to crash when using certain editing features 

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