Samsung Android 13 & One UI 5 Update – All Regions And Stages

For the past decades, Samsung has emerged as one of the industry-leading manufacturers. The South Korean company is renowned for its outstretched marketability. A few days ago, they started distributing the newer OS version “Android 13” with its new user interface (One UI 5.0) to appropriate Galaxy devices. This user interface has brought some great features that furnish a personalized look to your device.

At first, the manufacturer provided the Android 13 with One UI 5.0 updates as a beta trial in the devices, which afterward went ahead to its stable rollout. The beta trial was furnished to the select region devices only. Markets other than South Korea, China, India, the US, the UK, Germany, and Poland get stable updates directly. First of all, the Galaxy S22 device range has gotten this OS update both times, whether it’s beta or stable.

Further, in this beta rollout sequence, the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Z Flip 4, and Galaxy Z Fold 4 devices have got the beta update after the newer flagship of that time (Galaxy S22). Then the Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy Note 20+Ultra, Galaxy Note 10 Lite, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3, and Galaxy A52 devices have also gotten the beta trial at the appointed time.

Coming to the stable update, which was first furnished to the Galaxy S22 device range for limited regions only. Afterward, the company started distributing it to other eligible devices. At present, only the Galaxy S22 series have got its stable update globally, Galaxy S21 in almost all regions leaving only a few, and other devices are expanding the regions quickly.

Samsung Android 13 Update

The devices that have got stable Android 13 and One UI 5.0 updates are Galaxy S22 series, Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip 4, Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy A73 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, Galaxy A52 5G, Galaxy A33 5G, Galaxy M52 5G, and Galaxy M32 5G devices. Besides these, the Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S20 FE devices still need to get(beta or stable) One UI 5 updates.

Let you know that One UI 5.0 will be a more convenient option for users to get the device interface as they want. The UI update delivers more customizable features in the device than its predecessors. It has some fascinating features, such as Extracting text from images, various color options, Lock screen customization, Multitasking, and Smoother Animation.

As the company is concerned about its user’s security, they have brought some useful security and privacy-related features too. With this UI, if you are intensionally or accidentally going to share a picture that contains your personal and sensitive information in it, your device will warn you by popping up a warning notification. Besides all this, One UI 5.0 still has a plate full in it to explore.

ModelRegionAndroid 13 and One UI 5.0Software VersionRelease dateSecurity Patch
Galaxy S22Bangladesh, Malaysia, AustraliaStableS901EXXU2BVJA31/10/2022October 2022
United StatesStableS901U1UEU2BVJA(carrier-Unlocked)S901USQU2BVJA(carrier-locked)31/10/2022October 2022
IndiaStableS901EXXU2BVJA25/10/2022October 2022
South KoreaStableS901EXXU2BVJA25/10/2022October 2022
ChinaBeta 6S9010ZCU2ZVJC25/10/2022
EuropeStableS901BXXU2BVJA24/10/2022October 2022
ChinaBeta 5S9010ZCU2ZVJA18/10/2022
Germany and UKBeta 4S901BXXU2ZVJ207/10/2022October 2022
United StatesBeta 4S901USQU2ZVJ206/10/2022October 2022
Galaxy S22 PlusBangladesh, Malaysia, AustraliaStableS906EXXU2BVJA31/10/2022October 2022
United StatesStableS906U1UEU2BVJA(carrier-Unlocked)S906USQU2BVJA(carrier-locked)31/10/2022October 2022
IndiaStableS906EXXU2BVJA25/10/2022October 2022
South KoreaStableS906EXXU2BVJA25/10/2022October 2022
ChinaBeta 6S9060ZCU2ZVJC25/10/2022
EuropeStableS906BXXU2BVJA24/10/2022October 2022
ChinaBeta 5S9060ZCU2ZVJA18/10/2022
Germany and UKBeta 4S906BXXU2ZVJ207/10/2022October 2022
United StatesBeta 4S906USQU2ZVJ206/10/2022October 2022
Galaxy S22 UltraBangladesh, Malaysia, AustraliaStableS908EXXU2BVJA31/10/2022October 2022
United StatesStableS908U1UEU2BVJA(carrier-Unlocked)S908USQU2BVJA(carrier-locked)31/10/2022October 2022
IndiaStableS908EXXU2BVJA25/10/2022October 2022
South KoreaStableS908EXXU2BVJA25/10/2022October 2022
ChinaBeta 6S9080ZCU2ZVJC25/10/2022
EuropeStableS908BXXU2BVJA24/10/2022October 2022
ChinaBeta 5S9080ZCU2ZVJA18/10/2022
Germany and UKBeta 4S908BXXU2ZVJ207/10/2022October 2022
United StatesBeta 4S908USQU2ZVJ206/10/2022October 2022
ModelRegionAndroid 13 and One UI 5.0Software VersionRelease dateSecurity Patch
Galaxy S21 5GUnited StatesStableG991USQU5DVK3(carrier-locked)15/11/2022November 2022
South KoreaStableG991NKSU3DVJC08/11/2022October 2022
India, UK, EuropeStableG991BXXU5DVJC07/11/2022October 2022
ChinaBeta 3G9910ZCU2ZVJH02/11/2022August 2022
IndiaBeta 3G991BXXU5ZVJ619/10/2022August 2022
South KoreaBeta 319/10/2022
United StatesBeta 2
United StatesBeta21/09/2022
Galaxy S21 Plus 5GUnited StatesStableG996USQU5DVK3(carrier-locked)15/11/2022November 2022
South KoreaStableG996NKSU3DVJC08/11/2022October 2022
India, UK, EuropeStableG996BXXU5DVJC07/11/2022October 2022
ChinaBeta 3G9960ZCU2ZVJH02/11/2022August 2022
IndiaBeta 3G996BXXU5ZVJ619/10/2022August 2022
South KoreaBeta 319/10/2022
United StatesBeta 2
United StatesBeta21/09/2022
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GUnited StatesStableG998USQU5DVK3(carrier-locked)15/11/2022November 2022
South KoreaStableG998NKSU3DVJC08/11/2022October 2022
India, UK, EuropeStableG998BXXU5DVJC07/11/2022October 2022
ChinaBeta 3G9980ZCU2ZVJH02/11/2022August 2022
IndiaBeta 3G998BXXU5ZVJ619/10/2022August 2022
South KoreaBeta 319/10/2022
United StatesBeta 2
United StatesBeta21/09/2022
ModelRegionAndroid 13 and One UI 5.0Software VersionRelease dateAndroid Security Patch
Galaxy S20EuropeStableG980FXXUFGVJE07/11/2022October 2022
South KoreaBeta 2G980NKSU1ZVJ818/10/2022
Galaxy S20 PlusEuropeStableG985FXXUFGVJE07/11/2022October 2022
South KoreaBeta 2G985NKSU1ZVJ818/10/2022
Galaxy S20 UltraEuropeStableG988BXXUFGVJE07/11/2022October 2022
South KoreaBeta 2G988NKSU1ZVJ818/10/2022
ModelRegionAndroid 13 and One UI 5.0Software VersionRelease dateSecurity Patch
Galaxy Z Flip 4South KoreaStableF721NKSU1BVK517/11/2022November 2022
United StatesStableF721U1UEU1BVK311/11/2022November 2022
MalaysiaStableF721BXXU1BVK318/11/2022November 2022
Galaxy Z Fold 4South KoreaStableF936NKSU1BVK517/11/2022November 2022
United StatesStableF936U1UEU1BVK311/11/2022November 2022
MalaysiaStableF936BXXU1BVK318/11/2022November 2022
ModelRegionAndroid 13 and One UI 5.0Software VersionRelease dateSecurity Patch
Galaxy Note 20 5GIndiaStableN981BXXU5GVJE15/11/2022October 2022
United StatesStableN981U1UEU3GVK115/11/2022October 2022
EuropeStableN981BXXU5GVJE07/11/2022October 2022
United StatesBeta 2N981U1UEU3ZVJ819/10/2022October 2022
United States (Verizon)StableN981USQU3GVK118/11/2022October 2022
Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5GIndiaStableN986BXXU5GVJE15/11/2022October 2022
United StatesStableN986U1UEU3GVK115/11/2022October 2022
EuropeStableN986BXXU5GVJE07/11/2022October 2022
United StatesBeta 2N986U1UEU3ZVJ819/10/2022October 2022
United States (Verizon)StableN986USQU3GVK118/11/2022October 2022
ModelRegionAndroid 13 and One UI 5.0Software VersionRelease dateSecurity Patch
Galaxy A73 5GIndia, MalaysiaStableA736BXXU2BVK215/11/2022October 2022
Galaxy A53 5GIndiaStableA536EXXU4BVK115/11/2022October 2022
IsraelStableA536EXX04BVK111/11/2022October 2022
EuropeStableA536BXXU4BVJG09/11/2022October 2022
Galaxy A52RussiaStableA525FXXU4CVJB17/11/2022November 2022
IndiaBeta 2A525FXXU4ZVJ210/10/2022October 2022
Galaxy A33 5GIndiaStableA336EDXU4BVK114/11/2022October 2022
EuropeStableA336BXXU4BVJG10/11/2022October 2022
ModelRegionAndroid 13 and One UI 5.0Software VersionRelease dateSecurity Patch
Galaxy M52 5GIndiaStableM526BXXU1CVJ715/11/2022November 2022
EuropeStableM526BRXXU1CVJ715/11/2022November 2022
Galaxy M32 5GIndiaStableM326BDDU4CVK115/11/2022November 2022
ModelRegionAndroid 13 and One UI 5.0Software VersionRelease dateSecurity Patch
Galaxy XCover 6 ProEuropestableG736BXXU1BVK215/11/2022October 2022

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