All Q&A About Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Are Here

Samsung One UI 5.0 has been released globally. And various Galaxy devices are getting One UI 5.0 stable update.

As you know, we are officially in the New Year, 2023. Where we are expecting more from Samsung as compared to last year; if we talk about the current status, then this New Year 2023 will brings One UI 5.1 with Galaxy S23 Series* in the upcoming days. Which is one of the most exciting news for Galaxy smartphone lovers.

And To raise the excitement level of Galaxy S series fans, we will discuss many things here so that you may closely follow the latest news about this upcoming flagship smartphone series because it is about Samsung’s most loved smartphone S Series, i.e., Galaxy S23 Series.

As you know, rumors and renders are already surfacing on the web, and the excitement of users are at the top of the level, and in between this, many questions have to being occur in the mind of users. Knowing this, we have made this article in which we have given all questions and answers in detail, and we have tried to give the most exact answer and the right detailed information

Is Galaxy S23 Ultra Water Resistant?

According to an unofficial source, Yes, it is water resistant, as Galaxy S22 series was also Water/Dust resistant and was equipped with IP68, so we can also expect that this also the company will surely add water resistant ability and more than that. 

Can We Use eSIM In Galaxy S23 Ultra?

eSIM is an embedded SIM card that does not need a physical plastic sim card which we regularly use in our smartphones. This is cardless, and the network provider registers the sim with our mobile. As you already know, this S22 Series supports eSIM Technology, so we can expect that Galaxy S23 Will surely support eSIM. 

When Will The Galaxy S23 Series be Released?

Till now, there is no official news came forward about the release date of the Galaxy S23 series. But as per the past few years of records of Galaxy S, it is expected Galaxy S23 will be released either in January’s last week or February’s last week. Until then, we can on wait till any new news about the release date of the Series.  

Will Galaxy S23 Ultra Get Android 14?

Definitely, Galaxy S23 will get an Android 14 update and not only Android 14 but also 15, 16, and more. According to Samsung’s new software update policy, all the Galaxy devices which are released in or after 2019 will get a four-year major update and five years of a security patch update. By this, Galaxy S23 series, including S23 Ultra, will get an Android 14 update. 

Should I Buy The Galaxy S23 Ultra?

If your phone is getting old or you like top-end specification smartphones, are a Samsung Galaxy S series die-hard fan and have a high budget, then, surely, after the launch, this could be the best choice if you like to android phone and switching either from old S series phone or iOS. But we cannot say anything till its official release because finding out the S23 Ultra value for money; we have to wait till its official release. 

What Is The Launch Date of the Galaxy S23 Series?

Till now, there is no news about the launch date of this Series, and as per past S series records, only we can expect the launch month, but that too is not exact because the launch date depends totally on the company. Highly expected crucial months are January and February.

Where Is The Sim Card On Galaxy S23 Ultra?

As you know, for the S21 series company changed the place of the sim card slot; before S21 Series, it was on the top side of the phone’s screen but later on replaced, and the company started giving a sim card slot on the bottom of the phone beside speakers. So it is expected the company will continue the given sim card on the bottom. However, we cannot surely say this till the official release of the S23 Series. 

Antutu Score Of Galaxy S23 Ultra?

Unless Galaxy S23 is released, we cannot know the score. However, the S22 Ultra has the highest score at 912,577. So we can only expect that Galaxy S23 will also have at least equal to this or higher than this.

Which Processor Is In Galaxy S23 Ultra?

As you already know, the processor of Galaxy S22 Ultra is equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. So we can expect that this upcoming S23 Ultra will be equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is already released on November 15 2022. 

What Is the Maximum Storage Option In Galaxy S23 Ultra?

Nowadays, storage is a big concern, and mostly every company is expanding its smartphone storage capacity. Likewise, it is expected that Galaxy S23 will offer a 1 TB ROM Maximum Capacity. 

What Is The Maximum RAM Option In Galaxy S23 Ultra?

According to the report, this time, Samsung is not changing many notable things in its upcoming Galaxy S23 Series. And it is expected that the maximum RAM option and it is expected that, RAM option will be the same as the S22 Series

What Are The Dimensions Of The Galaxy S23 Ultra? 

Up to now, there is official news has been released that notifies us about the dimensions of the S23 Ultra, but according to the smartprix,163.4 x 78.1 x 8.8mm. However, Galaxy S22 Ultra’s dimensions are 163.3 x 77.9 x 8.9mm. It will be a little bit wider than the S22 Ultra. 

What Will Be The Price In the USA Of Galaxy S23 Ultra?

According to Android Authority, the Galaxy S23 series prices would be $799, $999, and $1,199 for the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 Plus, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, respectively. 

What Will Be The Price In India For The Galaxy S23 Ultra? 

The price of the S23 Ultra cannot be decided till its official announcement, but it is expected that there will not be much change in the price as compared to the S22 Ultra price (₹1,09,999.00 to ₹1,18,999.00). It might be equal to or slightly higher than S22 Ultra.

What Is The Size Of The Galaxy S23 Ultra?

According to the famous website smartprix, the Galaxy S23 Ultra size will be 6.8 inches. Galaxy S22 Ultra has a larger 6.8-inch display which will be considered the same as the S22 Ultra phone. 

How Much Will Zoom Capacity be in Galaxy S23 Ultra?

According to a report, Samsung will not change much in zoom capacity; it will provide the same as its S22 Ultra, i.e., 3x and 10x periscope. But this is expected, so we cannot consider it a final zoom specs. 

Note: All the details given in this article are expected and collected from various sources on the internet, and details can vary after the official release of the Samsung S23 Series. 

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