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FunTouchOS: Will My VIVO/ iQOO Mobile Update To Android 13

As everybody knows, VIVO is always slower than its competitor companies when it comes to providing an update to its devices. As of now, you all have observed that around the world, once again, Android 13 is making news because we are officially in the New Year 2023; with this, users are now wondering which new smartphone will come out of the box with the Android 13 update

Plus, Vivo’s two competitor’s OPPO and OnePlus, have also tweaked their software updating policy. They have expanded one more year of software support for their 2023 and later smartphones. With this now, both will provide four years of major updates and five years of Security patch updates. 

Most of the VIVO and iQOO smartphones have already received the Android 13-based FuntouchOS 13 stable updateand in the upcoming days, VIVO will expand the update to some more devices. 

Initial Story: Sept 10, 2022

This time VIVO developers names have also included with other companies and started to roll out the latest Android 13-based FunTouchOS 13 beta update to its flagship device name, the VIVO X80 series. 

With this news, now a question is coming to most of the VIVO smartphone users, will my VIVO mobile will update to FuntouchOS 13, and if yes, then when will it receive it? 

To answer all these types of questions, we have made this post in which we have mentioned a list of devices in which you can find your device name and wait for the update and the company’s next notification. 

Here’s The List Of Devices: [Updated Jan 09, 2023]


  • iQOO 9
  • iQOO 9 SE
  • iQOO 9 Pro
  • iQOO Z6 Pro
  • iQOO Z6 44W
  • iQOO Neo6
  • iQOO U5x
  • iQOO U5
  • iQOO Neo5 S
  • iQOO Neo5 SE
  • iQOO Z6
  • iQOO Z5x
  • iQOO 8 Pro
  • iQOO U3x Standard
  • iQOO 8
  • iQOO Z5
  • iQOO 7
  • iQOO Z3
  • iQOO Neo5 Lite
  • iQOO U3x
  • iQOO Neo5


  • VIVO X80
  • VIVO X80 Pro
  • VIVO X70
  • VIVO X70 Pro
  • VIVO X70 Pro Plus
  • VIVO X Note
  • VIVO X Fold
  • VIVO X60t Pro Plus
  • VIVO X60
  • VIVO X60t
  • VIVO X60 Pro
  • VIVO X60 Pro Plus
  • VIVO S15e
  • VIVO Pad
  • VIVO Y21G
  • VIVO Y01
  • VIVO Y33s 5G
  • VIVO T1 5G
  • VIVO Y33
  • VIVO Y75 5G
  • VIVO Y55 5G
  • VIVO V23 Pro
  • VIVO V23 5G
  • VIVO Y33t
  • VIVO Y21a
  • VIVO Y21e
  • VIVO Y21t
  • VIVO S12 Pro
  • VIVO S12
  • VIVO Y32
  • VIVO Y55s 5G
  • VIVO V23e 5G
  • VIVO Y76 5G
  • VIVO Y54s
  • VIVO V23e
  • VIVO Y15a
  • VIVO Y74s
  • VIVO Y76s
  • VIVO Y15s
  • VIVO Y71t
  • VIVO T1x
  • VIVO T1
  • VIVO Y3s (2021)
  • VIVO S10e
  • VIVO Y20t
  • VIVO Y21s
  • VIVO Y33s
  • VIVO Y21
  • VIVO Y12a
  • VIVO S10 Pro
  • VIVO S10
  • VIVO Y73
  • VIVO Y53s 4G
  • VIVO V21e 5G
  • VIVO Y53s
  • VIVO X60s
  • VIVO Y52 5G
  • VIVO Y12s 2021
  • VIVO Y52s t1
  • VIVO V21 5G
  • VIVO V21
  • VIVO V21e
  • VIVO Y20s [G]
  • VIVO Y30g
  • VIVO Y72 5G
  • VIVO S9
  • VIVO S9e
  • VIVO S7t
  • VIVO Y31
  • VIVO Y31s
  • VIVO V20 2021
  • VIVO Y51a
  • VIVO Y51
  • VIVO V20

Note: This is not an official list, and this can vary after the official stable release of Android 13 based FunTouchOS 13.


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