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5 Fixes To Solve OnePlus Devices Battery Draining Fast Issue In 2023

Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 is officially released for all eligible devices. Now with the Nord CE 2 Lite and Nord 2T company is expanding the update for its Nord series devices. On the other hand, rumors about the new Nord 3 is buzzing around the web.

According to the report, After the Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 update, OnePlus devices are facing the battery-draining issue. For them, below in this article, we have shared several ways by which battery can be minimized up to some extent.

For information, Battery draining is a common issue that every smartphone faces, and it depends upon the user’s handling. For e.g., Using devices at high refresh rates, high vibration on notifications, using live wallpaper, less signal strength, unwanted apps running in the background, the location used by social media apps, maybe your phone software got outdated, playing songs via Bluetooth device, and more. To let the battery drain fast.

Here Are a Few Ways, By Which Your Battery Draining Problem In OnePlus Can Be Fixed:

  • Choose more dark wallpaper & Remove live wallpaper. If you want to improve your battery performance. 
  • Close all the apps, if any are running, in the background. 
  • If your device is not updated, then update the device and its installed app. 
  • Reduce the screen brightness if it is not in need. 
  • If any unnecessary or unusable feature is turned on, put it off, like Bluetooth, location, and more. 

If your OnePlus phone consumes high power and battery drain fast in these given scenarios, like setting maximum brightness, playing games, watching high-definition video, and more, cause the CPU runs at high frequency. In that case, power consumption and device heat will surely rise, but this is normal. No need to worry about it. 

OnePlus Battery

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OnePlus Battery

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