WhatsApp Beta For Android Adds Haptic Feedback Feature

WhatsApp is rolling out a new beta version for Android users that brings a new haptic feedback feature for minor improvements to responses. As the word suggests, it will let users mimic the feel of real content and simulate real-life natural interactions to deliver an excellent experience.

As per the latest information, the unique feature of message responses is rolling out starting with build version Being a beta iteration, it is currently available only to a select few customers after installing the latest beta from the Google Play Store and will be available to even more users in the coming days.

WhatsApp Beta Haptic Feedback Feature:

The Haptic Feedback feature is the ability for you to sense that it is reacting to a message. We think this amazing feature can be useful for making reactions more interactive. In addition, this feature gives a more tactile feel. Plus, haptic feedback lets users know when they’ve tapped correctly. On the other hand, it can help users with visual impairments understand when they have responded to touch, swipe, and more, providing them with an immersive experience.

On the flip side, WhatsApp released a new version that brings message reactions in June 2022. This feature now makes it possible to react to messages using any emoji and skin tone. To improve reactions, WhatsApp keeps working on new improvements by introducing new features to make reactions better. Now, the recent version of WhatsApp Beta is also adding haptic feedback when reacting to messages.

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WhatsApp New Features
WhatsApp New Features

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