OnePlus 8 Bugs & Issues Information After Android 13 [ Jan 26, 2022]

OnePlus 8 series has successfully received the OxygenOS 13 based on the Android 13 update. The update brought many new things to the phone, while on the other hand, it also brought some bugs and issues to the OnePlus 8 device, which we have updated in the article below.

As days are coming closer for the Cloud 11 event, OnePlus surprises users by releasing a glimpse of various devices, including the OnePlus 11R. 

For information, OnePlus makes Mid-range and flagship phones with top-end features. In 2020 company released two devices simultaneously, the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro. Both devices are aimed to attract user who likes high-performance smartphones. OnePlus 8 was value for money, and it has a 90Hz display, 4300mAh battery, Snapdragon 865 5G, and out of the box, it comes with Android 10.

Every device needs an update, to improve the vulnerability and fixes the bugs. But what if your device becomes full of bugs after an update and faces many issues while using?

This is what happens to the OnePlus 8 users. Many users complain about the update and face heating problems, lagging, connectivity issues, etc.

Here below is the list of bugs that users are facing in all region variants.

Date Issues- OnePlus 8 
26 Jan 2023Phone display disappear after updating. Click here
23 Jan 2023Green line appeared on the display of OnePlus 8 and 9 Click here
20 Jan 2023OS13 updates bring battery drain and camera issues, lag in opening camera Click here
14 Jan 2023Display got white line in Left corner. Click here
12 Jan 2023Battery issue- user took his phone for charge The battery % is 27% now 30min + done still phone on 27% charge. Click here
03 Jan 2023while video recording in 4k the video stutter issue seen for the first 2-3 sec on OnePlus 8 device. Click here
02 Jan 2023 lock screen notifications are completely disabled once a work profile is added. Issue started from OOS 12 and still present in 13. Click here
28 Dec 2022frequently facing the network issue, Calls are getting dropped. Unable to clearly communicate on calls, voice is getting disturbed during call. Click here
15 December 2022Green line issue after OxygenOS 13 update. Check more info
13 December 2022Green line issue, after OxygenOS 13 update. Check more info
10 December 2022Red tint issue, after updating to Android 13 update. Check more info
01 December 2022App crashing and lagging after Android 13 update. Check more info
24 November 2022
After Android 13 update Qualcomm voice assist stops working and Alexa not functioning. Check more info
24 November 2022Facing battery draining issue after updating to Android 13. Check more info
17 November 2022Battery problem, after Android 13. Check more info
16 November 2022Battery draining drastically after Android 13. Check more info
17 September 2022OnePlus 8 devices user facing green screen problem. Check more info
16 September 2022OnePlus 8 device user reported, warp charging removed after the C.35 update. Check here for more info
15 September 2022Instagram crashing issue report in OnePlus device. Check here for more info
29 August 2022OnePlus 8 device user facing GPS signal issue. Check here for more info
15 August 2022Notification issue after Android 12 update. Click here more info
16, August 2022Green screen issue in OnePlus 8 device after update of OxygenOS 12. Click here to more info
14, August 2022 WiFi connectivity problem on OnePlus 8. Click here to more info
13, August 2022Flickering screen issue in OnePlus 8 smartphone. Click here for info
29, July 2022Not able to stream HD content on streaming platforms. Click for the link  
27, July 2022USB tethering, file transfer not working and notification pop up Click for the link
26, July 2022Phone is hanging and power button not responding. Click for the link
08, July 2022Phone is overheating and lagging. Click here for the link

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