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OxygenOS 13: Learn To Use Live caption Feature In Your OnePlus Smartphones

In September 2019, Google introduced Live Caption, Smart Reply, Sound Amplifier, Gesture navigation, Dark theme, and many more features with Android 10. During this, OnePlus also brought many features of the Android 10 OS to its OxygenOS 10. Now, with the OxygenOS 13. The Chinese tech giant improves the functionality of the Live Caption features. 

On Aug 03, 2023, OnePlus introduced the OxygenOS 13 based on the Android 13 update. And now, it is expected that the company is all set to release OxygenOS 13.1 with OnePlus 11 and 11R at the Cloud 11 event on Feb 07, 2023. In the event, other devices of OnePlus like the OnePlus TV, OnePlus Buds, OnePlus Tablet and more are also going to release.

OnePlus: Google Live Caption Feature:

Google presented a new automatic captioning system called Live Caption. This feature automatically shows the show caption in real time for all audio on your smartphone. It works on videos, podcasts, and audio messages without Wi-Fi or mobile data needed. 

Live Caption shows sound labels that include sounds like laughter, applause, and music. This feature supports only English languages, and more languages are coming soon in the next Android OS. Moreover, you can control the Live Caption feature with the Volume button on the OnePlus smartphone.

However, this feature uses more battery, and all audio and captions are processed on your device, but you can’t send them to Google. Plus, it does not caption the song’s lyrics. Here in this article, we are sharing the simple steps for how to use Live Caption on your OxygenOS 13 device.

How To Work:

  • To move captions: Touch and hold, then drag up or down.
  • To expand the Caption: Double-tap them.

How To Turn On Live Caption On OnePlus Smartphone:

  • Firstly, go to Settings on your device.
  • Scroll down and tap on Sound & vibration.
  • Tap on the Live Caption.
  • From Here, Enable the Use Live Caption toggle.

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