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New YouTube App Update Brings Stability Improvements



Updating apps has become our top priority as updates fix bugs and improve the performance of apps and devices. Well, in this article, you can check for the latest update of the YouTube app to experience better performance and stability.

According to the report, YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google and has become one of the fastest communication methods. Through this, you can connect to millions of people and can send your message to the people through a video or entertain yourself or can learn the things, much more things you can do with it. 

There are many famous YouTubers and popular YouTube channels like Technical Guruji, Carryminati, Tech Burner, and more. Adding to this, T-Series is the most subscribed channel in the world, with more than 220+ million subscribers.

YouTube has more than 2 billion active users across the globe, and it is increasing day by day as every app needs an update to improve its performance and remove bugs. YouTube on Android or iOS or any other OS app also needs the update too. For this, developers continuously work to make YouTube user-friendly.

YouTube app is receiving a new update version that brings stability improvements. On the other hand, the latest build aims to improve the respective apps’ overall functioning and features for a better user experience.

According to Inputs revelations, the YouTube app update with stability improvements is rolling out with version v18.05.40. Along with this, it has a huge software package of 108.99 MB.

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Youtube 18.05.35 Update:

YouTube is now getting a new update to improve its features and fix some bugs and issues affecting the users’ experience. The update comes with build number 18.05.35 and a package size of 108.99MB. Now, you can install the latest update via Play Store or directly download it from the link given below.

Download Youtube App –

Youtube 18.04.41 Update:

The YouTube app is getting a new update with version 18.04.41 and updated package size of 108.67MB. This update size is huge, so this update definitely enhances the overall performance and stability.

Youtube 18.03.42 Update:

The search tech giant is rolling out a new update for YouTube with version 18.03.42. The new update brings new features and improvements and fixes some Functional Related bugs and issues to maintain app stability and reliability.

You can install the latest update through the Google Play Store or directly download it from the link given below. Also, the size of the update pack is 86.25 MB.

  • Youtube 18.03.42 Update – Link

YouTube 18.03.36 Update:

Google is improving YouTube app features with version 18.03.36 and an updated package size of 108.66MB. The latest update brings improvements to enhance stability and performance. You can install the latest update through any official store or directly download it from the link given below.

Download YouTube App –

YouTube 18.02.35 Update:

Google constantly releases new updates for its apps to provide smooth performance. Now, it’s time to learn some new enhancements to the YouTube app. The YouTube app is getting a new update with version 18.02.35. The latest update fixes a few issues to boost the overall performance and stability of the app. The update package size of this update is 108.3 MB.

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