WhatsApp Beta February 2023 Android Update Status

February 2023 brings new opportunities for the WhatsApp Beta to expand further among Android users and iOS users. The social media tech platform is releasing new beta builds for users interested in new features.

In particular, some features are still under development. So, it may happen that you may not get it immediately, but with a new update after a few days or weeks, you will get it. These new features are currently only available to select customers, being a beta iteration, from the Google Play Store and will be available to even more users after installing the latest beta in the coming days.

WhatsApp this week introduced several new features with beta updates that optimize the overall chat experience. New features include a new Document banner, Calling shortcut, Pinned messages, Avatar, and more.

Below you can see the February 2023 WhatsApp beta rollout list:

February 18, 2023:

WhatsApp 23.3.77 stable version for iOS, is widely rolling out the picture-in-picture mode for video calls to everyone. This feature allows you to simultaneously multitask during a WhatsApp call without pausing your video.

February 17, 2023:

WhatsApp beta test for Android shows that the company is working on bringing communities to the WhatsApp Business app, making it easier to manage related groups together. 

February 16, 2023:

WhatsApp 2.2306.2.0 update for Windows native app adds a photo and video shortcut feature within chats and groups to some beta testers.

February 15, 2023:

WhatsApp beta version for iOS reveals that Meta is working on a presentation sheet to announce the ability to share documents up to 2GB in size, making it easier to share large documents.

February 14, 2023:

WhatsApp version revealed that the company is working on a kept messages section within chat info. This brand-new feature can prevent messages from disappearing so that they remain forever for everyone in the chat.

February 11, 2023:

WhatsApp beta version for iOS shows that the chat app has the ability to share up to 100 media within your chats.

February 10, 2023:

WhatsApp beta test for iOS shows that the company is working on a camera mode that lets you record hands-free videos.

February 9, 2023:

WhatsApp beta for Android fixes the issues related to the emoji keyboard.

February 8, 2023:

WhatsApp beta version for Android reveals that the chat app is currently working on a new feature that gives users the ability to schedule calls within their group chats. With this feature, users will be able to schedule calls in advance with other group members, adding greater convenience and flexibility to the way they communicate.

In addition, the WhatsApp beta test for iOS reveals a feature called Voice Note Transcription, which would make it easier to read voice notes if you can’t hear them.

February 7, 2023:

WhatsApp beta version revealed that the company is working on an image share feature called Share up to 100 media. This feature allows you to share up to 100 media within your chats.

On the other hand, WhatsApp announced a set of new features for Status updates with the stable update, which will be available to users on both iOS and Android devices in the coming weeks. The announcement also highlights their commitment to continuously improving the user experience through status updates and other features. Let’s see below.

  • Private Audience Selector
  • Voice Status
  • Status Reactions
  • Status Profile Rings for New Updates
  • Link Previews on Status

February 5, 2023:

WhatsApp beta version for iOS showcases upcoming longer group information and descriptions, making it easier to better describe groups.

February 4, 2023:

WhatsApp stable update for iOS users will let them create an avatar for everyone. As noted in the release notes, it is now possible to create personalized avatars and use them as stickers and profile photos.

February 3, 2023:

WhatsApp beta for Android will allow you to pin messages within chats and groups in a future update to the app. The feature is really useful as it will let users pin important messages to the top of the charts in future updates to the app, making it easier for other people in the conversation to find them later.

February 2, 2023:

WhatsApp version is working with the feature to create Calling shortcuts. Furthermore, the company is developing a new option that will let users quickly create calling shortcuts for future updates to the app.

February 1, 2023:

WhatsApp The beta test reveals a feature called Document banner, which has the ability to share documents up to 2GB in size.


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