Android 14 Developer Preview 2: Everything You Need To Know

In early February, Google started working on the next major version of Android, Android 14. The Android 14 first developer preview was released on February 8, 2023, and brings information about the OS’s upcoming features and testing schedule. And yesterday, the Search tech giant released the Android 14 Developer Preview 2. 

According to the information, The second Developer Preview of the Android 14 release comes with additional privacy, security, and performance enhancements. It continues to refine the large-screen device experience on tablets, foldable, and more. On the flip side, the QPR2 beta is also live and running on Pixel devices.

Starting with Android 14 Developer Preview 2, Android continues to deliver improvements and new features throughout the year. In addition, it improves your feedback on the Android 14 Developer Preview and Quarterly Platform Release (QPR) beta programs, playing a key role in helping Android continually improve.

Android 14: Support tablets and foldable form factors:

Android 14 developer preview 2 comes with a new level of convenience with support for tablets and foldable form factors. Google has started with a building for large screens and foldable to help developers jump their apps. In addition, the large screen gallery includes social and communication, media, productivity, shopping, and design motivations for reading experiences.

Android 14 Enhanced Privacy and Security:

Android 14 users are committed to providing users with the highest quality platform, and privacy and security are always the Core part of DP of Android. This latest DP app is built on the foundation of sandboxing, open source code, and open app development, giving users more control to protect their information.

  • Selected photos access
  • Credential manager
  • Safer implicit intents
  • Background activity launching

Streamline background work:

Android 14 has continued our efforts to improve the system’s health and battery life by working with apps, optimizing how apps work together, and polishing the end-user experience.

Background optimizations:

The second developer preview includes adapting the Android Memory Management System to improve resource usage while the application runs in the background. In addition, the background work is now much faster than Android 13. 

Fewer non-dismissible notifications:

Android 14 DP 2 provides more control over notifications. With FLAG_ONGOING_EVENT, users will dismiss reports on unlocked devices. However, when the device is locked, this information remains non-dismissible. Notifications important for the device’s functionality, such as systems and device policy information, remain completely non-dysfunction.

Personalization – Regional Preferences

This Personalization feature lets apps know your regional Preferences so that you can personalize your experience with temperature units, the first day of the week, and numbering systems. For example, European European temperature units in the United States may prefer to live in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, and for apps to treat Monday as the beginning of the week instead of Sunday’s American default.

App compatibility

Google is working to make updates faster and smoother with each platform release by prioritizing app compatibility in Android 14.

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 Availability:

Developer preview has allowed pixel users to try and react to Android 14 features, testing their apps and responding. These selected pixel devices, such as Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 6A, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 5A 5G, Pixel 5, and Pixel 4A (5G), flash a system image from the below link and can install the Android 14 Developer Previews 2.

If you are not the owner of the pixel device, you can use the 64-bit system image with Android Emulator in Android Studio. Below you can check the download link for DP.

Download Links:

Android 14 Testing Schedule And Release Timeline

According to the test schedule, like the testing phase of Android 13, we see developer previews in February and March. Google will begin to release the beta build starting in April and platform stability in June. You can expect a stable Android 14 OS to enter the smartphone by August this year.

Android 14 Enhanced PIN privacy

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