Android 14 Developer Preview 2: Privacy And Security

Google began a test on the next major edition of Android, Android 14. Android 14 First Developer Preview was released in early February 2023. The company recently released the second developer of Android 14, which brings many features and improvements alongside Privacy and Security enhancements. 

Regarding features and improvements, Android 14 optimizes the way of working together, enhances the Streamlining background work, improves health and battery life, improves Regional Preferences, optimizes Privacy and security, and polishes the final-usage experience. Read more here…

Android 14 Developer Preview 2: Privacy And Security

In Android 14, Google is building the highest quality platforms by providing a safe device environment and giving users more control to protect their information. The upcoming version of Android smartphones brings several Privacy and secular tools, including app sandboxing, open-source code, and open app development. With these tools, Privacy, and security have always been a prominent part of Android’sAndroid’s mission,

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 mainly works on four Privacy and Security aspects, including –

Selected photos access with Photo Picker:

Android 14 will raise Privacy and security by giving more commands to users on how their information is shared. The company has updated the first photo picker launched in Android 13 to allow Android 14 users to specify which pictures are permitted to be accessed on the device app; instead, they have their media Complete to enable them to reach the library.

After the Android 14 update, users can select which photos and videos to give access to. The permission choices are:

  • Allow access to all photos
  • Select photos
  • Don’tDon’t allow

Credential manager:

The Android 14 preview also includes a test of Credential Manager, a platform API supported by Google back to Android 4.4 (API level 19) devices. The platform API supports multiple sign-in methods, such as Passkeys and federated sign-in solutions alongside the traditional username/password combinations. 

Passkeys: The new industry standard for passwordless sign-in, built on industry standards, can work across different operating systems and browser ecosystems and be used with websites and apps.

Safer implicit intents:

Android 14 apps need to be extra careful when creating pending intent with an implicit intent. The intention must be made immutable or explicit to prevent unintended code paths.

Background activity launching:

In Android 10 (API level 29) and higher there are restrictions on when an app can start activities while the app is running in the background. With Android 14, foreground apps have more control over what activities other apps can initiate. To ensure an interruption-free experience, apps targeting Android 14 need to be privileged when sending pending intents or forcing a service.

Android 14 Enhanced PIN privacy

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