WhatsApp Beta March 2023 Update Tracker – Live Status

Hello guys, and welcome to the Rm Update‘ dedicated WhatsApp (Beta) update status. Here you can find the latest information on every WhatsApp Messenger Beta update. We will put all the features under development and arrive on the iOS and Android Beta channels along with version numbers.

Usually, WhatsApp releases multiple new updates for Android and iOS beta channels in a month. All upcoming features will be coming first to WhatsApp beta testers via the Google Play Store, and we’ll cover them all.

Below you can see the March 2023 WhatsApp beta rollout list:

March 11, 2023

WhatsApp revealed that the company is working on a group setting to manage how to approve new group participants. This feature will allow group administrators to manage how the approval of new members works in their groups.

  • Beta Build: WhatsApp Beta – v2.23.6.9

March 10, 2023

According to the information, WhatsApp is rolling out 21 new emoji from Unicode 15.0 for some beta testers. Now, with the WhatsApp beta update for Android available on the Google Play Store, some beta testers can see them on the official WhatsApp keyboard:

  • Beta Build: WhatsApp Beta – v2.23.5.13

March 9, 2023

WhatsApp beta for iOS is working on the Push name within the chat list. The feature is helpful as it will let users push names that now appear within the chat list instead of the phone number whenever they get a message from an unknown group member. 

  • Beta Build: WhatsApp Beta – v23.5.0.73

March 8, 2023

WhatsApp beta version for iOS reveals that the chat app is currently working on a new text editor for the drawing tool that will improve your experience while using the drawing tool. Plus, the feature is also still in development on WhatsApp for Android. 

  • Beta Build: WhatsApp Beta – v23.5.0.72

March 7, 2023

WhatsApp version revealed that the company is working on expiring groups as an additional tool to save space. This brand-new feature will allow users to set a specific expiration date for their groups, 

  • Beta Build: WhatsApp Beta – v23.5.0.71

March 4, 2023

WhatsApp is working to deliver a new feature that lets iOS users share a line with the attachment menu, but the feature is currently under development. It will soon release via a stable update. The latest WhatsApp beta for iOS can be identified through build number –

  • Beta Build: WhatsApp Beta – v23.5.0.70 

March 3, 2023

The latest WhatsApp beta for Android v2.22.21.6 brings a new feature for the tablet version. It brings the Split View feature to the tablet version of the app, which is a game-changer for users as it optimizes the tablet interface, providing a better experience on larger screens. Users can now view two different sections of the app on their tablet screen simultaneously. 

  • Beta Build: WhatsApp Beta – v2.22.21.6

March 2, 2023

As per the information, WhatsApp is working on the ability to report status updates and a permanent mute option within notifications. Going forward, users can report specific status updates that violate the Terms of Service to the moderation team.

  • Beta Build: WhatsApp Beta –

March 1, 2023

According to the latest information, WhatsApp released a new Beta update for Android phones, which is redesigning the Status tab to include newsletters, providing a new way for users to receive updates.

  • Beta Build: WhatsApp beta –

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