Samsung One UI 5.0: Download All Good Lock Latest Plugins And Modules Update

In August 2022, One UI 5.0 brought Android 13 to Galaxy devices, and Samsung boosted the user experience with One UI 5.1. Both the Android 13-based versions take your Galaxy device to the next level with new features and improved performance and animations. You can maximize the benefits of One UI 5.0 and 5.1 with improved Good Lock Module and Plugins, download from the links below.. 

Late last year, the Korean tech giant introduced One UI 5.0 Good Lock with improved performance in the 2022 version. In addition, the company has released four new plugins/modules that allow you to access various exciting new features on your Galaxy with the One UI 5.0 update.

One UI 5.0 Good Lock:

With One UI 5.0 and 5.1, Samsung released improved Goodluck modules and plugins for Galaxy devices. Millions of Galaxy, smartphone, and tablet users enjoy the new customization suite, but with limited availability across devices and countries. 

The One UI 5.0 and 5.1 Good Luck update radically changed the overall look of the application, dividing the modules into two sections or parts – Makeup and Life Up. The first part consists of apps and services valid for personalization, while the second section includes experimental Android tools.

Download Good Lock Module and Plugins

Here in this article, we are providing the download links of Good Lock’s latest plugins and modules for your Samsung Galaxy devices so that you can go to the next level with new features and better performance and animations.

Module NameVersionLink
Good Lock2.2.04.54Download Link
Camera Assistant [New] Link
Home Up14.0.00.17Download Link
SoundAssistant4.4.00.5Download Link
RegiStar [New]1.0.37Download Link
Wonderland1.2.27Download Link
One Hand Operation+6.2.21Download Link
Theme Park1.0.09.48Download Link
Routines+1.0.38Download Link
NiceShot2.1.02Download Link
KeysCafe1.0.06.11Download Link
Clockface2.3.03.0Download Link
NotiStar5.1.24.0Download Link
NavStar5.1.3.26Download Link
MultiStar6.3.05Download Link
QuickStar6.3.06.31Download Link
LockStar [New] Link
Nice Catch5.0.00.2Download Link
Dropship [New]0.9.7Download Link
Galaxy to Share1.0.25.0Download Link

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