OnePlus OxygenOS: Why Do Updates Drain Your Smartphone’s Battery

Have you ever upgraded any OxygenOS update and noticed your OnePlus smartphone battery drain in a matter of minutes? People have come up with theories of why that’s happening: your System optimization or your phone’s applications re-adapted. But which is it? Why do your OnePlus smartphone batteries drain so much faster when it’s installing OxygenOS updates?

This is exactly what happens when you install OxygenOS updates and other firmware. First, immediately after an update, system optimization will run in the background, and power consumption may increase.

Subsequently, after the OxygenOS update, some applications must be re-optimized and re-adapted in the background, and the mobile phone files will be re-scanned to avoid security and other risks. After completing these steps, the battery consumption of OnePlus will return to normal.

Let us tell you that when you install any small or big update, your phone’s battery drains fast. So don’t panic; this is normal; proceed as mentioned above, or wait for a few days for it to return to normal.

On the other hand, all OxygenOS updates come with some functional improvements, bug fixes, and major or minor optimizations to provide a smooth and user-friendly environment. We recommend upgrading your device for better system security and stability if you get any updates.

Worth mentioning, after several days of updates, if you still have problems with your OnePlus smartphone, please capture the log and submit your feedback in the Feedback Toolbox; you can enter “Feedback Toolbox” * You can dial #800# and tap the battery function log you want to report.

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