Best 5 Chess Games For Android In Android 2023

Google Play Store offers plenty of games which are popular among players like smart and heavy graphics racing games, various simulation games, stunt driving games, adventurous and action games, puzzle games, several sports games and many more. Among all these categories Chess, also known as the Battle of Minds, is still the most popular and interesting board game which needs the high intelligence of an individual. 

In case you want to show off your chess skills and be a master in the game, various chess game apps on android offer different matches, multiplayer tournaments both offline and online, detailed tutorial videos for those who are new to this game, and various solo games.    

So if you are searching for good chess apps, here are the best 5 chess game apps to show off your chess skills. 

Best 5 Chess Apps:

  • Lichess
  • Really Bad Chess
  • Chess Tactics Pro(puzzle)
  • Chess Royal: Play Online
  • Chess Pro


Lichess is the best free chess app on Android. The app offers users to play both online and offline tournaments, solve unique puzzles, multiplayer and solo challenge games, play with your friends, and even have plenty of customization options with various in-game challenges and tutorial videos for the beginners. 

Really Bad Chess:

Really Bad Chess is the chess app which allows users to play various multiplayer tournaments, various unique and fun weekly challenges, ranked matches, quick plays whether with friends or solo both offline and online.

Chess Tactics Pro (Puzzles):

Chess Tactics Pro is a puzzle game app which has various chess puzzles with different difficulty levels from easy to complicated. By solving daily puzzles, both offline and online with friends or solo games with CPU, you can even track your progress as well through the progress mode. 

Chess Clash: Play Online:

Chess Royal: Play online is a great online multiplayer game, in which you can invite your friends online and play the battle. The app has two modes to play- one is the classic chess mode and another one is the quick chess mode. This app offers various tournament bonuses and lots of customisable options. You can earn coins through game tournaments and spend those coins in changing the look of the pieces and chessboard as you want.

Chess Pro:

Chess Pro is a chess app perfect for beginners, as it provides various tips, teaches moves and improves your chess playing skills. This app has several local multiplayer tournaments and the difficulty levels from easy to hard one, shows visual signs for any bad move, and a number of videos for you that teaches which move will give you the positive results.      


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