Xiaomi MIUI 15 Testing Moves A Step Ahead, Spotted On Mi Code

The recent buzz in the tech community has revolved around the much-awaited release of user-friendly software, the MIUI 15. For a long time now, Xiaomi has reportedly been testing MIUI 15 on various devices. A new MIUI 15 build has been spotted on Mi Code for known devices.

Xiaomi is known for its user-friendly software, especially the MIUI skin that runs on top of Android, which with its latest iteration, strives to enhance the user experience by introducing new features, customization, and an attractive interface. 

According to Xiaomiui, Xiaomi has started developing the new MIUI 15, which will be the successor to the MIUI 14 operating system. The information we obtained through Mi Code reveals some information about the upcoming version. MIUI 15 is expected to bring improved system animations, a radically revised user interface, useful features, and many other refinements and refinements.

MIUI 15 Spotted On Mi Code:

As per the Mi code listing, the development of MIUI 15 has probably started with the new Note series, Redmi Note 13. Starting development early means that the stable version can be released earlier. Also, the ‘BigVersion’ section indicates the new MIUI version, which is shown as 15, indicating that MIUI 15 is under development. Testing for potential Redmi Note series devices with MIUI-V23.5.22 is underway, indicating that the development started on May 22.

MIUI 15 Features:

Some of the Android 14 features and improvements released in the developer preview and beta updates and will be released during testing will be included with the MIUI 15 update. Also, Android 14 coupled with MIUI 15 will make Xiaomi devices work much better and provide users with even better performance than the current MIUI 14, which was slated launched in December 2022.


Xiaomi MIUI 15 Features

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