Google To Release Call Screen Beta Update Soon To Enhance Capabilities

The call Screen feature lets you find out who is calling and why before you pick up the call. The call Screen works on your device and does not use Wi-Fi or mobile data. To enhance its capabilities, Google is constantly working on its capabilities to provide a more secure environment. In a recent report, the company plans to roll out the beta version of Call Screen on Pixel 6 and newer devices to some users in the United States.

As per the report, the company will soon roll out the Call Screen beta version in the coming months. With this update, incoming callers can see a more natural-sounding series of voice prompts to determine who is calling and why. Significantly, we will see this new change in the Settings UI.

With this beta update, the company will help us enhance your call screen capabilities and reduce robocalls, giving you back time and peace of mind. Meanwhile, the new “Protection Level” options have since started rolling out more widely after some users spotted some new call screen settings via 9to5Google:

  • Maximum: Screen unknown numbers and decline spam
  • Medium: Screen suspicious calls and decline spam
  • Basic: Decline only known spam

You can see the new “Protection Level” options under the Phone app>> Tap More >> Settings >> Spam and Call Screen. Make sure the See Caller and spam ID is turned on.

  • Tap Call Screen.
  • Tap Protection Level
  • Choose one of them
    • Maximum
    • Medium
    • Basic
call screne feature

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