5 Best Free Ad Blockers For Chrome Browser 

While watching movies, videos, browsing through the internet, online banner ads and various pop-ups are annoying. These ads not only interrupt entertainment but also can be very harmful to our privacy and security. 

In other words, these online ads sometimes contain various malicious information, which can be transferred by downloading the ads on our smartphones or PCs and can help hackers to track our personal data and location. To avoid such situations, numerous ad blockers block online ads which violate the ad standards.

What is AdBlock for Chrome Browser?

Google Chrome has a built-in ad-blocking browser extension known as the Ad-block. It allows users to watch their favorite entertainment without the interruption of ads by blocking the ads and provides you with full privacy and security. It blocks various pop-ups, ad promotions, and all annoying ads and even removes video ads from different social media applications, including YouTube and Facebook, by providing you with a safe, simple, and ad-free website browsing experience. 

Thankfully, there are several ad blocker extensions for the Chrome browser; we have got the best ad blocker extension for Google Chrome; you can check them out in the list provided below.

Free ad Blockers for Chrome Browser

Ad Block One

Ad Block One is the best free extension for Chrome. This extension blocks various intrusive ads and pop-ups, quickly loads the pages online, and improves the privacy and security of your PC simultaneously.

It blocks ads which are distracting and provides you 100% ad-free internet surfing experience. Sometimes online ads contain various malicious and abusive information which can be downloaded through these ads, which can be useful for hackers and phishers to easily track our personal data and information. So this extension offers you privacy and security by blocking these malicious ads. 

Other features of this extension include website loading being very quick, you can easily select an element of your choice on the website without breaking the page layout, and more.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is considered the most popular ad blocker extension for Chrome. It is an open-source ad blocker. Small companies can use it for free, whereas big companies need to pay a charge to use this extension. Its UI is easier to navigate and helps to block non-intrusive ads. This extension can block ads, including pop-ups and video ads on YouTube as well.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a free and open-source extension for Chrome. The features of this extension include it blocks the ads permanently; it can block banner ads, video ads, or pre-roll ads and offer privacy. Additionally, it can also block the online URL malicious ads from the site, providing you a good ad-free experience. 


AdLock is a free and open-source extension that blocks various types of online ads, including banner ads, pop-ups, distracting ads, and even harmful websites. Features of this extension include it can load various pages easily and quickly, premium plans are available for both Windows and Android, and this extension comes with a 30-day money refund guarantee. However, this extension can not be accessed through Google Play.

Poper Blocker

Proper Blocker is an ad blocker that prevents online ads by blocking pre-roll ads, pop-ups, banner ads, and other distracting ads. The distinctive features of this extension include it provides you with a notification whenever it blocks an ad, pop-ups, and even viruses from the website; it can smoothly run along with other ad blockers without affecting your system; you can easily hide and block the online ads from various websites providing you a proper ad-free experience, You can enjoy your favorite YouTube videos without the interruption of ads, and it can remove advanced pop-up overlays.

free ad blockers for chrome

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