YouTube Testing Playback Speed Of Videos To 2X

Millions of users have created an account on YouTube, and they upload videos so anyone can watch them. But now Google is working to make YouTube more convenient to use. YouTube introduced a new feature where users can watch videos at a playback speed of 2X.

According to the information, YouTube will now allow users to watch videos at a playback speed of 2X using touch gestures. Previously, on mobile, users needed to go to the settings of the video, tap on the playback speed then choose the playback speed, but now, with this new feature, you don’t need to go to the settings to change the playback speed; simply just long press anywhere on the screen and the video will automatically play on a 2X speed.

Moreover, when you activate the Playback speed at 2X, you will get the pop-up notification of “Playback at 2X speed”, that your current video is set at the 2X playback speed, and once you release your finger from the screen, the video will continue to play, and the touch gesture gets cancelled.

Notably, this new feature is so convenient. If you want to play your YouTube videos to the playback speed 2X, you will need a YouTube subscription. And this feature might be rolled out as a permanent feature.

How the YouTube Long press to watch at 2x option turns on: 

Users who have YouTube’s Premium Membership can turn on the Long press to watch at 2x facility by following these steps : 

  1. Launch the “YouTube App”;
  2. Tap on your “Profile Picture” on the top right side
  3. Now Hit on the “Your Premium benefits” option;
  4. Scroll down and tap on “Try new features”;
  5. In the Long press to watch at 2x  card, click on the try it out option. 

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