Google Assistant Will Soon Release Summarize Webpages Update

Daily, Google increases its zone by taking steps towards modern technology as a user convenience. Google Assistant is a virtual Assistant software app that is primarily available on smartphones. Recently it is believed that soon Google Assistant will get a new update that helps summarize webpages. 

According to the reports, the US tech giant is constantly searching, testing, trying and applying for their internal work on Google Assistant, how this upcoming Summarize Web Page update will work and when it will be presented to the public. 

If sources are to be believed, recently, a v14.29 beta version was spotted for the Google app, which indicates that the company is preparing for its new update, which adds a new Summarize option in the app. This Summarize option will help the users when they operate the Google Assistant during browsing or reading the webpage to summarize that page. 

Here is the Summarize option indicating the facility offered by the company with this update that will summarize the large text of the web page and convert it into small bullet points and give it to the users. This update will make the user’s life easier. Now the users don’t need to read long paragraphs to understand them for hours because this will give them a summary of the paragraph in just short key points. 

According to the reports and rumours, this update looks very fun and convenient for the users. Let’s wait and hope that this update will be released soon. 



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