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How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone? Step by Step Guide

Apple always tries to make our life easier with its excellent technologies and services. In the same context, Apple offers several subscription services but some are useful but the rest of them are just a waste of your money. So, Apple also provides the facility to cancel several unused subscriptions which you can do anywhere at any time.

What are the Subscriptions on an iPhone?

Subscriptions are the most convenient form of streaming media and other online services on an iPhone. When you are paying for a subscription you don’t need is a total waste of your money per month. Whether iCloud or Apple TV, there are many Apple subscription services to which you can unsubscribe to save your money. Here we have a quick guide to share with you on how you can cancel your Apple subscriptions. 

Note that, you will be able to cancel only those subscriptions which you have purchased from Apple’s App Store with your Apple ID linked to it. You can cancel various Apple subscription services like Apple Music, Apple arcade, Apple Fitness, Apple news, iCloud, Apple TV, and more. However, you can’t cancel subscriptions that are not purchased through Apple’s App Store. They can’t be cancelled on your iPhone.

How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone?

Through Apple’s feature, you can easily cancel the subscriptions on your iPhone that you don’t need anymore. Just follow these easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone.

  2. Click on your Name.

    cancel your subscriptions on iphone

  3. Tap on the Subscriptions tab.

    how to chancel subscription on iphone

  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel.

    how to cancel subscription on iphone

  5. Finally, click on the Cancel subscription button.

 How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone? Step by Step Guide

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