Twitter Icons and Symbols Explained: Check New Symbol and Icons on Twitter and Their Meanings

Twitter is widely used by millions of users from all over the world. It allows you to share short text-based posts known as tweets with your friends, like, comment, and follow the accounts who are familiar, search for an account, get updated with the latest news, and more. 

Sometimes, users must learn the meaning of various icons and symbols used within the application. So, if you are new to the Twitter application and wondering what icons and symbols are used within the app and what they mean, follow our quick guide to learn more about them. 

Twitter Icons And Symbols:

There are several icons and symbols used within the Twitter application. They are listed below:

Basic icons which you will find under the post/tweet:

  • The Comment icon: This is the Comment/Reply icon to reply to the Tweets of others.
Twitter Comment icon
  • The heart icon is the Like icon of Twitter: it turns red when you hit on it on someone’s tweet or post.
heart icon is the Like icon of Twitte
  • The square of two reverse arrows: It is the Retweet icon. To retweet someone’s post.
square of two reverse arrows
  • The view symbol: The views symbol shows the number of people who viewed the post.
 Twitter view symbol
  • Share icon: This symbol is used to share the tweet with your friends.

Various icons on the Navigation bar:

  • Home icon: The home icon contains all the tweets which we follow and other trending tweets.  
  • Search icon: Here, you can search for the account or person you know.
  • Community icon: The silhouette icon (with two faces) is the community icon. It shows the communities which you follow and the suggested ones.
  • Notification icon: The bell icon is the notification icon where you receive notifications from the people you follow, the person who followed you, and the person in your contact who recently joined Twitter.
  • Direct messages or DMs: You can message or reply to the person you follow.  

For you: Trending tweets will appear in this section.

Following: The accounts’ tweets will appear here whom you are following.

Apart from this, while tapping on the plus sign “+” on the Home page, you will find four icons, they are:

  • The Space icon: Here, you can create your own space and what you want to talk about, and also, you can record your area.
  • The Photos icon: This is the icon used to add photos on Twitter from the gallery.
  • Gif icon: This icon contains numerous Gifs.

Tweet icon: This icon is used to post tweets on Twitter.


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