X Replaced Iconic Blue Bird From Twitter for Android

For a few days, everyone was astonished that the iconic blue bird from Twitter was now going to fly. And today, this thing has become true; the iconic bird has taken flight from Twitter. Previously the fan community saw a new change regarding its logo on the web, but now the new “X” logo is available for Android also.

According to the information, “X” released its beta version with its identification build number, which is a 10.0.0-beta.0 firmware version. In this update, the fans will get to see that the bluebird is replaced with the “X” logo, which is white in color on the background of black shade. 

Whatever notification of the app will come in the user’s phone in the status bar, so this new “X” logo will appear there. This latest X icon will give an energetic color theme to the fan community. 

One noticeable point is that the app’s name is still Twitter Beta for Android. But if the reports are to be believed, then according to Dylan Roussel, the name of the launcher will turn into “X” after the release of its stable version. However, the Playlist still needs to be updated. Hence, future changes will be sent to “X” at the end of the user’s grid of applications. 

Now the users will appear X inside the application in the app bar of the Home feed. Plus, the next offers the users at the top Search X hint. And Twitter Blue has just been replaced by Blue in the navigation drawer. 

The brand is also expected to keep its app’s package name the same, which might remain com. Twitter. Android. And this is because it requires a new app and listing as well. Hence, will take the users directly to Now it remains to see what happens next and what changes will come. 


twitter new logo

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