5 Best Puzzle Games For Android In 2023

Puzzle games are useful in numerous ways. There are several advantages of playing puzzle games, including they provide your brain with a perfect workout, improving your mind, helping you to be more attentive towards the details, boosting your IQ, providing you with better visual reasoning, enhancing your problem-solving skill, helping cure dementia and more. 

Top 5 Puzzle Games for Android:

  • Path of Giants
  • Gorogoa
  • Golf Peaks
  • Hidden Through Time
  • G30-A Memory Maze

Puzzle games are simple mobile games with easier controls that can be accessed by everyone. There is a wide range of puzzle games, from hard-core puzzles to the easiest ones. If you are also searching for the right puzzle games, then your search ends here, as we have got you the best. Do check out the list provided below:

Path of Giants:  

Path of Giants is a great puzzle game that offers you various levels to play, and with each stage, there are some complex challenges for you to complete. You have been provided three different characters to play with. It has stunning graphics; the game is very enjoyable, and more of that you need to solve the challenges to get to the next level.


Gorogoa is a unique imaginative puzzle game. The gameplay is very original, which consists of various illustrative panels, and players need to arrange and imaginatively solve them. It contains various impressive hand-drawn illustrations in the form of puzzles. 

Golf Peaks:  

Golf Peaks is a tiny puzzle game in which you must climb mountains by playing golf. You can use the cards to move the ball. This game offers over 120+ levels and has 10 worlds to complete, minimising visuals and calming environment, no ads, and several achievements after each level. You can play this game even if you don’t know how to play golf. It is so entertaining and designed very well.

Hidden Through Time:  

Hidden Through Time is a Hide & Seek game in which objects are scattered in the world, and you need to search the objects through the hints provided. The game consists of various colourful levels which are hand-drawn. Explore various ages within the game and find the maximum number of objects to go to the next level. There are four ages in the game. Interestingly, this game offers a map-editor tool using which you can create your own level.

G30-A Memory Maze: 

G30 Memory Maze is a hand-crafted game with an incredible story. In this game, each puzzle has a story. A person with a cognitive disorder is trying to collect the precious memories of his past before everything fades away from his brain due to the disease. You need to solve the memory mystery, which is hidden in the 7 main chapters of the puzzle. The background music will make you feel the whole story. Just sit, relax and enjoy the game.

best puzzle games android

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