X(Twitter) Ads Revenue Sharing Program: Recruitment & Eligibility

Recently, in favor of Elon Musk, Twitter gets rebranded to “X.” According to a study in 2024, the app had 335.7 million active users, and that in itself is a huge number. After the rebranding, it is back with a bang, with its ads revenue sharing scheme. X(Twitter) always keeps doing something new so that the fans enjoy the app while using it.

In this scheme, the users will get Payouts from the company once they meet the eligibility criteria for the ads share revenue program. In plain words, if the ads are being shown in the midst of what the user posted on Twitter, the user will get its payout. 

And to fulfill this criterion, the users have to complete some tasks, which are mentioned below:  

  • The users must subscribe to Blue or an officially verified Organization. 
  • With this, the users must also have at least 15M impressions on their collecting posts, but the condition is within the last three months. 
  • The users must have a minimum of 500 followers. 

The company announced that the ad-sharing revenue is now available globally to the creators. But only for those who have touched the eligibility criteria. And the noticeable point is that all the eligible X users will get the payout only as long as they are in the eligible criteria. 

Once the user is eligible, they can apply for a creator subscription and revenue sharing by just accessing monetization in the settings. 

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