Google’s New Ad Privacy Settings On Android Devices

Google has already started rolling out new ad privacy settings for Android devices. Unlike Chrome, Google’s Privacy Sandbox functionality is now on Android, allowing users to see the relevant ads in a more private way. However, the beta testing had already started earlier this year. 

Android Privacy Sandbox:

For people who might not know, the Privacy Sandbox is a functionality that allows users to access the most relevant ads with full privacy. Initiated in May, Google is now heading this feature to more and more Android users with new Ad Privacy Settings. Now the users will have the choice over the ads you see with more protection of their identity. The Privacy Sandbox works without using any cross-apps, Ad-id and your interests which are saved on your device.   

Notably, with Android 13 on a Pixel device, you can get the new Ad Privacy Settings by heading to the Settings app >> Security & Privacy >> More privacy settings >> Ads. Here you will get three main settings with on/off toggles. These are:

  • App Suggested ads:

The apps which you use can determine your interest and suggest ads on other apps. You can block apps from making decisions. Also, Android Auto-deletes the app-suggested data regularly. 

  • Ad Topics:

The Ad topics are based on the apps which you have used recently. These apps are then used to show you personalized ads. For example, these topics include music and entertainment, news, movies, games, and more.

  • Ad measurement:

To measure the performance of the ads, apps and advertisers can request the information from the Android. 

Resert measurement data:

Android protects your privacy by limiting the information that apps can share with one another. Reports are sent by the Android with a delay just to protect your identity. Also, your browsing history is kept private within your device.



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