OnePlus Introduced New Features For Community App

OnePlus recently rolled out its July 2023 update for Community applications. It brings a lot of new needy changes and improvements in various functions. So, now the users will get enhanced features and can easily share their ideas and interact with fellow ones using OnePlus worldwide.

 There were many updates before this, but there was no special improvement in them, but with this update, the company is making a lot of convenient improvements. So let’s get started. What’s new has arrived with this July 2023 community update

  • Improved Threads: the company provides the facility to add spacers to allow some structure to the user’s threads. These new changes will surely enhance the user’s thread experience and also will make them eligible to make their threads longer and more visually appealing. 
  • Website Can be Pinned: The threads will be directly recommended to the Explore page with a pin icon. This new change will help the users create transparency in promoting the content. 
  • Favourite Threads can Pin: Now; the users have the ability to pin their favourite threads at the top of their profile. Apart from this, it is also suitable for self-developed content. 
  •  For Contests Integrated System: In one single step, Contests with winners selected randomly from the comments sections are handled directly through the platform, which means it will help in faster winner selection and automated messages to winners as well as all the shipping information get collected through first-party tools. 

At the moment, this is only available to random draw contests. Still, it is expected that as soon as possible, it will be available to other kinds of contests with future iterations. 


OnePlus Community Features

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