How to get the new MrBeast outfit in Stumble Guys?

Stumble Guys is a very famous and exciting game. It has become popular among mobile users because it is similar to the Fall Guys in its style, levels and outfits. Interestingly, the levels and outfits of Stumble Guys are constantly updated. 

The Stumble Guys offer you the best character skins with each update. Here is a quick guide to tell you how to get the new MrBeast outfit in the Stumble Guys.

To those unfamiliar, the Stumble Guys game was made to honour the famous YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson. Plus, this is not the first time Jimmy has appeared in the game as skin, as the Fortnite game did a while ago.

Getting the Skin Free of Cost:

There are two ways to get Mr Beast skins in Stumble Guys.

#1 The First way is using roulette, but remember that it takes work. In other words, getting the skin for the first time in roulette will be very difficult. Also, it will cost you 30 Beast Bucks in each turn in case you want the skin.

#2 Another way is to avail of the Stumble Pass Premium. It costs 1200 Stumble Guys gems which are costly. If you have gems and you activate Stumble Pass Premium, you will have to play and win again and again to get the legendary skin pieces. On reaching level 26, you might already have the classic Mr Beast skin in Stumble Guys.

Getting those famous Mr Beast skins in Stumble Guys is tough but not impossible, so try to get them. Also, using the stumble pass could be better as they are risky and do not work. You can always take the easy route and buy a skin that costs $10 or Euro.

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