Gmail Finally Gets Its Native Translation Tool

Google has introduced a range of new and intuitive features across many of its services, be it Chrome offering better integration with Calendar, Translate, and Lens or Maps coming with slight tweaks. Google is constantly updating and getting better with each new update. Recently, Google launched a new change to Gmail, which is finally getting its native translation tool on Android and iOS devices.

Before the body of the message, Gmail will now display a “Translate” banner. Tapping updates what appears below to “show original” again and the ability to “automatically translate” a specific language.

Gmail’s native translation tool supports over 100 languages. Also, the Translate to option will only appear when the content of an email doesn’t match the preferred language which is set on your Gmail. 

Moreover, you can translate the language manually by heading to the three dots menu in the top right corner. Though the feature can be easily disabled in case, you want to do it for a particular language by tapping on the “x” (close) button followed by Don’t Translate again.

However, the translation tool feature has already started to roll out for Android users, while iOS users have to wait a little, as this feature will soon roll out to them in the upcoming weeks. Although this is an essential feature as previously, it was very difficult for users to translate any text on an email, as either they had to open their Gmail on their PC or they had to take a screenshot on their smartphone and translate the whole text by uploading the image to Google Lens (translate).



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