YouTube’s new update: Recommended Videos Will No Longer Appear On Home Page

Recently, YouTube has introduced its users with several new features and advancements. From introducing new creation tools to shorts and slight tweaks in the history settings to bringing new functionalities for premium subscribers, YouTube has raised the bar with these enhancements. Another new change that was recently rolled out to YouTube for its viewers is, now YouTube will not show the video recommendations on the home page if the Watch history is turned off.

According to the information, Google has announced that a slight tweak is coming on YouTube; now, the most popular video streaming platform will not show video recommendations on its home page and some other features of the viewers’ preferences if the watch history is turned off.

According to YouTube, the recommended videos are fully based on watch history. Those features offering the recommended videos will be stopped if the viewer has kept their watch history turned off.

Whenever this feature is live for all the viewers on YouTube, users will notice YouTube’s home page blank. On their homepage, they will only see the search bar on the top and navigation menus. Notably, this change is coming not only to smartphone users but also to the web version.

Google clarifies which YouTube features rely on watch history to provide video recommendations. It also makes it more transparent for users who want to search rather than browse through recommendations. However, this new feature enhancement on YouTube is good or bad; it depends on the viewer’s point of view.


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Aakash Gour

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