Google Chrome: Android 14 Will Make Scrolling As Smooth As iOS

We already know that Chrome belongs to Google, and it has finally been accepted that Chrome does not run on Android devices as fluently and smoothly as compared to iOS. And the Chrome engineers felt that Android users should also get the same better and flawless facilities and experience as iOS users. So, with Android 14, the company decided to enhance Android users’ Chrome experience. 

So, now the company with Android 14 will provide a fast and improved scrolling facility for Chrome on Android, eventually reducing slow scrolling jank through 2x. Due to this improvement, the buffering and scrolling issues get fixed, and it will offer almost as smooth and flawless experience as the iOS version. 

According to the official Chromium blog post it stated that it would provide faster refresh rate support on Android to fix scrolling issues. Google has a solution for this trouble with a new nanosecond API, which offers Chrome to sample input touches in a nanosecond interval instead of at a millisecond level. This was the main limitation present in the previous Java-based method used by Chrome. 

The company decided to add a two times faster refresh rate, and support for nanosecond API has arrived for Chrome 116. It is pretty confident that due to this change, Chrome on Android gets smooth enough scrolling power as on iOS. 

However, this new change will arrive with Android 14, and right now, it may take some more time for Android 14 to reach everyone, and once the users get it, they will also get a smoother and more fluent browsing experience on Chrome than ever. 


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